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sticking her tongue out at me
Tags: ferrit

Not sure what my cat Angel tasted but if you look close you'll see she is sticking out her tongue..LOL
Tags: S.Staley

my cat sticking out her tongue
Tags: S.Staley

Took a series of pictures while my daughter was getting her tongue peirced
Tags: Black and White Photography Photo Picture Port

This 3D puppy was sculpted from several different shaped cakes and iced with buttercream icing, the ears and tongue are made of fondant
Tags: Puppy cake Dog cake cake decorating cre8ive cak

Tongue in cheek character Impersonation
Tags: Wonder Woman

second linocut in Printmaking I; give the theme "c
Tags: linocut linoleum torture colonialism frog flies tongue

Ass Good Bye She Could Have Let It Go I Could Of Bit My Tongue Just Two Stubborn Fools Who Let It All Come Undone Chorus: Bridge: Look here baby I'm not going to stand out here
Tags: bluesrockmusicmp3sblues musicbuck69toledooh

This one was about 75 pounds.
Tags: Pumpkin Sculpture Jack-o-lantern

Here's a shot of it in the daylight - hope it shows the detail in the gallery popup (the forked tongue is split and fully suspended from the mouth... this one was deep
Tags: Pumpkin Sculpture Jack-o-lantern

Tags: BUtterfluy

A Humming Bird Tongue
Tags: 5

Origin: Islands of Indonesia pollen, fruits In the wild, lories feed on nectar, pollen, fruits, and the occasional insect. All lories have a tongue that is specially adapted with a brush-like tip
Tags: bir birds flowers fruits hot indonesia insect lories lory nectar pollen pollinating red tongue trees tropical

. The filtering of food items is assisted by hairy structures called lamellae which line the mandibles, and the large rough-surfaced tongue. The flamingo's characteristic pink colouring is caused by the Beta
Tags: africa beaks bird birds body brine colour f

This juvenile bear decided to ruin my shot by sticking his tongue at me...lol...no education man
Tags: bear brown zoo water bathing

Found this baby groundhog at my sister-in-laws. He was so cute and kind of looked like he stuck his tongue out at me just as I snapped this one. LOL
Tags: baby groundhog nature

Okay.....repeat after me....tongue to nose....tongue to nose...ect.ect.ect. LOL
Tags: funny pooch tongue

A demon with a long red tongue
Tags: Demon devil scary creepy tongue

This butterfly sat so still and let me get close to him to snap this shot. I LOVE his tongue
Tags: Butterfly

...with a rusty dipstick he depressed my tongue and said "Say Ahh
Tags: Weije country doctors old cars