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I was out walking in the mountains surrounding Greenville, CA when I came upon this enchanted little tree stump. I didn't realize until I got home and put the picture on screen, it has a little face
Tags: enchanted stump

The church from Mare Island
Tags: San Francisco

A very brief tale of the meeting of 2 broken peopl
that is bestowed upon her. He speaks. He whispers. She stops and she sits to only mock what she thinks will not last. But when he speaks to her, a mellifluous song beating straight from his heart to hers
Tags: poetry short story

poem about war.
One more tear One more tear for a fallen man One more tear from where I stand As I look up to the sky Another body falls down and dies Kiss the ground upon which I stand
Tags: poetry war poem art

acrylic sizes available upon request
Tags: portrait face ethnic fine art

This is a mixed-media sculpture meant to be displayed on the gallery floor and looked down upon. It was completed in 2007. The piece is composed of foam, concrete, steel fencing, and lava rocks
Tags: scale beautiful mixed-media sculpture concret

Isaiah 40:31 Those who wait upon the LORD
Tags: Charcoal and Graphite

I just created it based upon a cat I saw at the beach. I used Chigiri-e, the Japanese technique (aka painting with hand torn paper) to illustrate the story. Hope you enjoy
Tags: cat story picture book chigiri-e paper collag

Not much to say. NOT photoshopped I stumpled upon it on accident
Tags: tree that has a face

Acrylic on plywood, 244 x 122 cm. Commission Priva
Tags: Acrylic Drawing Graphic Design Painting Hill

once upon a very boring hour, a little girl built a tall tower out of junk and captured her work on film
Tags: The Amazingly Awesome Junk Tower tennis Mons

This is a song that I produced at the Real.Life.Music camp last summer. I am the main singer and original songwriter (the song was improved upon by my 'band' and producers), and for all information
Tags: pop rock

I was just messing around in photoshop when I created this. I suppose I stumbled upon it by accident
Tags: shapes artsy angles contrast interesting grap

lines we are accustomed to hiding behind) to create who each of us are. "Caress 001" is specifically a venture into how the the factors that define one are often more easily focused upon than we
Tags: Automotive Urethane on steel female form Red Kan

A rooster perched upon a fence
Tags: rooster fence perched

until October 15, 2008. Upon closing of the contest one grand prize winner will be selected. The winner will receive $1000 dollars and have their music featured in an upcoming production. In addition
Tags: Musiccontest

And once upon a time there was water with color
Tags: Art Photography reflections water color

Robot warrior thinking a lamb it has stumbled upon is possibly hostile. Poor lickle, lickle lamb. Wonder how it all turns out? Perhaps I should paint a follow-up
Tags: Robot warrior lamb kill shoot gun android f

PIETA. This was a small sculpture my parents have in their bedroom, upon seeing it the first time I just had to draw it, and so I did. I also changed the medium on photoshop
Tags: Pencil Art

A woman in lingerie embarking upon a journey with hands reaching for her, she seems to be in three places, perhaps triangulating, which the butterfly represents & a castle on an island in the sky
Tags: lingerie woman woman sexy road castles surre