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Headshot, Frank George TV spokesperson/host/actor/vo artist
Tags: frank george film tv spokesperson actor host

This drawing is likened to the blowing of an atom
Tags: art abstract surrealism dada cubism impressionism expressionism pollock van goh realism modern art modernism drawings sketches tyler vo art

Texto descritivo das sensações de vazio que sentim
de um querer infinito. Quando estou com vocO, a ·nica coisa que peto T que fique perto de mim, para que meu coratpo se acalme, pois muitas vezes ao vO-la, apenas vO-la, ele fica impaciente
Tags: folha em branco empty love amor lover paixão

Voice over demo with both samples of spoken voice
Tags: Voice Voice over songs

Model Test Shoot
Tags: V.O.

the music and we re-recorded all the VO in our audio booth with Apple Logic Pro. Las Vegas Video Production, Blare Films
Tags: Las Vegas Video Production Blare Films Real Esta

Me singing Quando m'en vo at the Steven Wise Temple in Los Angeles
Tags: Quando m'en vo soprano puccini

A Car dealerships in other cities. For the girl at the end we used After Effects to edit and rotoscope her eyes and make them the color they are. Our friend and occasional VO Artist Greg Belemjian
Tags: Funny Seattle Dallas Videography Companies Co

My resume
Ashley M. Kalfas Actor/VO/Crew/Singer Film/TV experience (partial list): Role: Production company: Director: VoiceOvers (partial list): Theatre experience (partial list): Training(partial
Tags: Resume Ashley M. Kalfas

Me Drawing Leonardo Dicaprio From Titanic Artist - Tyler Vo Website - Tvdrawing.com Titanic is my favorite movie of all time. I just had to draw Jack so I was really inspired to create
Tags: Me Drawing Leonardo Dicaprio Titanic

Me Drawing Bill Gates. Artist - Tyler Vo Website - Tvdrawing.com
Tags: Me Drawing Bill Gates

Me Drawing Charlize Theron Artist - Tyler Vo Website - Tvdrawing.com
Tags: Me Drawing Charlize Theron

. Unfortunately I didn't get to finish my drawing because it rained. Next up, En plein air easton competition:) Artist - Tyler Vo. Website - Tvdrawing.com
Tags: Sidewalk chalk drawing Street Painting Titani

Romantic Couple Pastel Drawing Artist - Tyler Vo Website - Tvdrawing.com I was thinking of using the split-complimentary color scheme but decided to go with a more personal choice of colors
Tags: Romantic Couple Pastel Drawing

Still Life Fruit - Pastel Drawing Artist - Tyler Vo Website - Tvdrawing.com I intended to use a more jewel green color to contrast with the pitch dark background but went with this green hue
Tags: Still Life Fruit - Pastel Drawing

Me Drawing Amanda Seyfried from Letters to Juliet Artist - Tyler Vo Website - Tvdrawing.com
Tags: Me Drawing Amanda Seyfried

Me Drawing Kate Winslet Artist - Tyler Vo Website - Tvdrawing.com
Tags: Me Drawing Kate Winslet

Me Drawing Justin Bieber Artist - Tyler Vo This was done entirely in pencils. My sister kept asking me to draw Justin Bieber and I finally got a chance to. I'm thinking of drawing Taylor swift
Tags: Me Drawing Justin Bieber

to life and I really enjoyed creating this. Artist - Tyler Vo Drawing - Jennifer Lopez Website - Tvdrawing.com
Tags: Me Drawing Jennifer Lopez

Richard Sorin's professional voiceover demo.
Tags: VO demo voiceover demo voice over demo voice voiceover voice over