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The first skit I directed, produced, and filmed fo
Tags: retro nostalgia video games retrorich game boy nintendo

This is the original trailer animatic that was mad
Tags: animatic Sonic the hedgehog sega video games cartoons comics archie "freedom fighters" robotnik storyboards

This a teaser trailer for a Sonic the Hedgehog mov
Tags: SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog Archie SatAM Genesis Video Games Cartoons Nostalgia Retro 90s TV

Juan gets addicted to a new invention called video games. From: That 70's Johnson Show SEE THE SWINGING JOHNSON BROTHERS LIVE!!! Every Second and Fourth Sunday of the month At the landmark
Tags: pong comedy funny addiction

this guy plays way to many video games, so for his portrait i tried to make him look like a video game character
Tags: strange fantasy

Plenty of games are advertised here. I can be seen about 3 min. and 38 sec. into the video, promoting a game called Red Steel
Tags: Promotion Video Wii Game Video Red Steal Nintendo

Mario walks into our undercover house, butt naked.
Tags: Super Mario Bros Wii Nintendo Video Games Robocop Chris Hansen Dateline NBC

This was my way of dealing with an ex husband who decided naked women and video games were better than having a relationship
Tags: demon nail gun monster

Slow Sci Fi Feel background music from the soon to be released `punk musac 4 aliens`, intended for Video Games or film background. 48 hours to write and produce
Tags: Sci-Fi electronica riccashae movie games background aliens

Tags: Video Games Horror Doom

A look-alike for promotion of Korean video game "granado espada
Tags: Video games

A promotional photoshoot for Granado espada's cosp
Tags: Video games

Promotional photoshoot for Granado espada's games
Tags: video games

You broke the heart of childish games
Tags: clown doll video old vintage

are on the other hand. Look around you at the world, we take war, division, violence in our actual lives and in our games, fictions and play. Shouldn't we ever question this? Shouldn't we ever wonder
Tags: art video art time based art visual art andy warhol film

We decided that painting each other would be more fun than playing video games
Tags: body art back painting black and white

Cover art for a hypothetical game...
Tags: Weije video games WWII Tanks Battles

really fast! Rocket racing travelling around 300 or 400 miles per hour! Also, I think my Rocket-X idea would make a really cool video game one day! So if it did become a game, I have a whole lot
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports video games f-zero speed racer

musicians of the earlier Need for Speed games. The newer games are ok with the underground, driving around a city, street racing, more realistic cop chases, and stories and all... but I still think
Tags: needforspeed need for speed cars hot pursuit police chase video game

for Speed video game sountrack some day... along side with Rom di Priso's Road Warrior, Liquid Plasma, and all his other songs. :) This song is actually one of the first melodies I wrote. Very
Tags: Rocket-X Rockets racing sports nascar video games