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Writing on a mothers life
145043.txtTo Be A Mother~To be a mother, oh me oh my..the things you get into could make you cry.The boo-boo's to kiss,the homework to help with..& what about the late nite wake up from your heavenly
Tags: S.Staley

fortunate that I decided to wake early that day for sunrise pictures
Tags: landscapewaterscapeskysunrisedawn darknessli

My cat Angel with my dog Tucker
Tags: S.Staley

3.8.10 What a beautiful thing to wake up to... this Robin was looking right at me when I opened my front door this morning. He even stayed long enough to grab my camera and click away
Tags: Robin morning visitor nature

taken from a boat
Tags: lakesunsettreeswake

just some thoughts
are not right!I finally do fall asleep with dreams so vivid that I can't believe that there not real...I wake in the morning,very groggy but knowing it is a new day & it's real as everything I touch
Tags: S.Staley

The generalization of an exaggeration of my life.
Tags: morning life evan colten funny sketch skit wake up getting waking

Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by Beau P
Tags: rockabilly psychedelic rock modern rock alterna

i wake up
Tags: i wake up

Wordless rendition of a madrigal I wrote for a Humanist commemorative gathering (funeral, wake, etc
Tags: choral

Artists for Peace agaist the New World Order
Tags: World Affairs

Extreme Wake Board Show
Tags: The Hollywood Summit Show Tom Spano

The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show Wake Board Teaser Trailer hosted by Morgan HOLLYWOOD Monroe and Tom Spano. 36mb
Tags: The HOLLYWOOD Summit Show Wake Board Teaser Trailer Morgan Monroe Tom Spano

, carried on the wings of such stuff as they are made on, yet I fear not the future, nor shall I shed one tear for the past, and because of this I am certain that if everything left in our wake were tied
Tags: mixed media oil paint found objects

Captured this shot the night of my friend's son's wake (he was killed in a car accident). It reminded me of heaven so I added his photo into it and gave it to my friend as a reminder of where he
Tags: nature beauty landscape sky heaven lights su

This is a picture of only half the tree that fell during the storm that came in the wake of Hurricane Ike
Tags: nature trees

This was taken in 2007. We were trying to wake him up. (it didnt work
Tags: father and daughter

cord you rip in joy, at wake by your grasp sheathed essence you take, dark and deep as the sea the doom you heap whose twin your beloved sleep the unending bursts the vivid bolds by which the soul
Tags: Angeldeathreaperpencil

An old shed, rusting away, makes a spectacle of it
Tags: Weije old farm buildings Wake County rusting away

Tired of the fake brick look, this shed searches f
Tags: Weije Wake County Faux bricks old farm buildings