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Just wanted to add my two cents
Tags: penny two cents

The goal of the shot was the beautiful black and yellow bird. The cow decided she wanted to see what was going on, lol... I thought she would add to the photo
Tags: yellow headed black bird cow

About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
we'll leave that for another story...mean while...I need to clean up sprayed water and soap from my kitch floor...LOL....Well where eles did you think we wash some of them....I wanted to go towel
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short story of one of my days
things like the flies & pole come from the heart & hard work..people just don't take pride in it anymore..he asked if I wanted to buy one of his flies..at the time I had no money,but told him I would
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
. That evening I asked my mother for a birthday card from her all occasion box. At school, I showed the card to my friend. Oddly, she wanted to sign it too. Then the girl across the aisle wanted
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

some day maybe i will get lucky to do thing in my life that i allways wanted to do
Tags: Tammy

I wanted to set this up as what you see when you fly through one train station after another. Taken in the Monaco train station
Tags: train station city monaco france mediterranean

-PENCIL- I met some guy at a party who had just been released from prison. He was apparently a tattoo artist in there and wanted to see something with a skull and a hand in it. I added the spider
Tags: drawing pencil

originaly i wanted to do a hole bunch of women from around the world, but i kind of got distracted. right now im doing a belly dancer
Tags: giesha

Some guy saw my notebook and wanted me to draw him a tat on the spot. This is the vision he gave me
Tags: tattoo moon

Oil, watercolor, ink, acrylic I wanted to give Alice an overall washed-out/transparent look to give the feeling she was in a dream and not all
Tags: wonderland J. Alexander

always wanted to make a silent film so I did. Also i think puking on people is funny
Tags: century club drunk puke oldtimey 1925 silent

My grandmother has cooked for 13 kids most of her life. I wanted to capture a picture of the evidence
Tags: old stove grandmother dirty food

This is an original work. It is of my dog. He is a Siberian Huskey named "Angel Wowzers". Yes, that's HIS real name.....strange isn't it. But I love him, and so I wanted to show him off in my work
Tags: Dog

A Drawing carved in wood and then printed in a thin recycled paper. I know this is not my best piece, yet I wanted to make reverence/reference to those who suffer with their heads up. Thanks to 'de
Tags: wood ink paper recycle

I did this one of my friend Danielle. I wanted to give it a 1940's feel by making it black and white and giving it some grain to make it softer
Tags: 1940's black and white B&W portrait old tim

Well, you said you wanted it this way
Tags: sunset clouds sun dark beams rays

I wanted to write a high energy fast paced music. I think i got what i wanted
Tags: Techno Aura

Apparently, this "Ram" wanted to "Charge" into an apartment complex in Ogden, Ut
Tags: ram charger wreak

drew this for fun. just wanted to draw the punisher. fan picture of a marvel comics character
Tags: punisher marvel women