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Poem on what's on my mind right now
The Dream I had a vivid dream where reality hit home I live my life through thick and thin but the dream was dark and from within how weird it is to dream of this and it all started with a kiss
Tags: S. Staley

A weird orange glow after a violent storm
Tags: stormorange

This is my first video that I made just for YouTube in a long time. I hope you like it. It's weird singing for a camera instead of in front of live people. I gotta do more of this. It's good practice
Tags: Rascal Flats Why Tina Rose Cover

I can do a lot of weird things. I bend in ways unimaginable
Tags: rave trippy nude

From the Coven of One album - Minimal Media made a
Tags: effects coven pacey funky alternative clanky weird odd gorgeous random homemade

Check this guy get smacked in the face with some r
Tags: comedy stoned drugs rocks 420 laugh marijuana tuscan raider weird strange hit by rock

A new holiday video from your friends the world fa
Tags: christmas psycho norman bates maama cisco x103.9 stabbing presents weird hilarious funny comedy improv

The trailer that started it all from the world fam
Tags: funny comedy russian bride disturbing tiara queen transvestite weird public exhibitionism hooves Edwin McCain mozart

This is an ostrich. he is losing food out of his m
Tags: ostrich animal weird wtf food

Long exposure zoom trick shot no photoshop :)
Tags: tower night pasadena warp trippy weird

Long exposure zoom trick shot no photoshop :)
Tags: night shot night pasadena tower zoom weird trippy

This is a picture of the ocean upside down, but do
Tags: ocean trippy weird sunset galaxy space

Something that took a long time to draw but dont k
Tags: trippy psychadellic weird skelleton knotwork

Boredom in math class
Tags: circles geometric trippy weird odd wtf

About 7 pictures i put into one. thats my friend's aunt, some pianos and someone playing hte piano. looks weird huh
Tags: skull piano dark art spiral strange weird trippy

took this of myself and turned it red. how weird
Tags: sword scream portrait

Ok, so thats no ghost, its me, and ok thats a radi
Tags: ghost pirate antique creepy weird

i attempted to draw the pictures i took.
Tags: skull piano dark art spiral strange weird trippy

some weird drawing i did.....no heroin involved i just thought that whoever was searching "heroin" on here might want to take a look
Tags: worm finger trippy heroin whoa not related

'im so gothic i shit bats' im not gothic or in
Tags: batman goth weird folklore angel demon