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This tiny wild flower is approximately 1 inch. My Mother tells me it's called a "Shooting Star". I looked it up, she's right
Tags: purple wild flowers

Yellow on yellow, this wild flower has smaller flowers in the center
Tags: yellow wild flower

This photo is related to, "Purple wild flower" and Purple wild flower ~ 2". This puff is what's left of the center of those.. Purple wild flowers
Tags: beauty eye weed

Flowers from my garden,one small red wild flower among three unbudded ones w/ marigolds surrounding..all planted by seed
Tags: S.staley

These little wild roses are found throughout the forest. Now changing from flowers to "Rose Hips". I hear they make a wonderful tea
Tags: wild rose hip

Wild flowers
Tags: daisies spring

Macro of one of my favorite wild flowers, Shooting Star
Tags: Shooting Star macro 1

Wild flowers
Tags: lazy susan friends

This has several kinds of Spring Wild flowers I've collected
Tags: this says spring lazy susan nature

tiny yellow wild flowers
Tags: wild flowers yellow nature

Wild flowers in the woods
Tags: Daisy flowers

Orange California Poppies shine in this grouping o
Tags: california poppies larkspur wild flowers

Tags: wild flowers yellow nature macro

wild redbuds along dirt road
Tags: flowers country

This is a photo I took of some wild flowers in the port of Long Beach, CA. I was amazed of the beauty of these when surrounded by chaos and litter
Tags: purple flowers close up photography

some wild echinacea on the side of the road
Tags: echinacea wild flower flowers

This is an image of a Mountain Goat walking through the alpine flowers in the wilds of NW Montana
Tags: goat wildlife wild animal nature pristine wildflowers wilderness alpine

Origin: Islands of Indonesia pollen, fruits In the wild, lories feed on nectar, pollen, fruits, and the occasional insect. All lories have a tongue that is specially adapted with a brush-like tip
Tags: bir birds flowers fruits hot indonesia insect lories lory nectar pollen pollinating red tongue trees tropical

This was one of the last wild flowers to bloom in Chama, NM. Just spectacular
Tags: flower orange macro

Daisy after a Summer shower. Small lower qualit
Tags: Daisy summer macro white oak mountain wildflower wild flowers