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are breath taking. I'm not even trying to fronting cause you know I wanna be with one someday. (Chorus) Asians don't love me. Is it a cultural thing? I don't know maybe, maybe someday. But right now I must say
Tags: reh dogg love asians

Snippet of original lyrics: VS1: Call me what'cha wanna you can make ya point ova da phona i heard some rumors and it's quite alarming but like a woman i'll remain charming
Tags: Call me Six Sixx Sixxx neo soul neo soul charlotte north carolina talent edgy harmony unsigned artist

chorus (and 3rd), you can hear me trying to keep from laughing. That was because I heard the fart before I recorded me singing it. :) I find gas amusing, when most people don't! If you want to make
Tags: cartoon band cars needforspeed speed games

' nothin' to me These feelings from the past gon' make me take that ass I don't wanna Stare It Down, I dont want to Stare It Down and I dont wanna be around, and I dont want to be around I

Did you ever think about getting back together with your ex? Have you ever wondered if your ex was still interested in you? It doesn’t matter who initiated the breaking up; feelings can
. However, you need to know the correct methods in trying to get him or her back or else you could make it even worse than it already is. Lets back up a step first though.. Do you ever find yourself
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

thought I think...you every other thought with every breathe I breathe...I sigh relieved it's you My baby love you're my lady bug I love to see you smile dont wanna see you blue my lady my
Tags: Duo... Dro

A little ditty I wrote dealing with the female cou
129156.txtdo you wanna play me just like parker brothersor try to save me like mother teresawill you treat me just like the othersor just use me like a visai dont care about your planyou can keep me
Tags: lyrics acoustic song

(Human Nature Duet ft. SWV) 3. Girl is mine 4. I want you back 5. ABC 6. Liberian Girl 7. Remember the time 8. In the Closet 9. Baby be Mine 10. The Love you save 11. Bad 12. The Way you make me
Tags: michael jackson tribure mix mj jgunzz

Of Me - Michael Jackson Turn This Mutha Out - MC Hammer Motownphilly - Boyz II Men Head To Toe - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam Two To Make It Right - Seduction Respect - Aretha Franklin Gives You Hell
Tags: summer jam 209 electro house hiphop

no description
with him too you used to make me forget him now all you do is remind me forget him i feel alone and confused and i wasn't the best to you so **(chorus)** usually when people ask if i could go back in time
Tags: i'm not entirely sure if my songs should b

I tried to make this song sound like it was recorded live, though it really wasn't. This is The Doovie Brothers and they really can't go out and give concerts because they're a band of 7 members all
Tags: live concert worship music praise song Chris

me I’m not connected Not what you expected Don’t wanna be a clone just caught up in the static I walk among the static I make you so erratic Automatic for the static beauty of the masses
Tags: dark wave girl goth afro punk poetry lyrics r

Book of poems I wrote back in december
black hole Don't leave me here alone I won't make it in this world You put me out in the open There's no God I haven't forsaken For the sake of you And they all point and laugh And scream "She's
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

it was, I did love McKenna. I loved her very much that every time I saw her, my heart would swell and beat hard against my chest. I was happy all the time if she was always there with me. Could I handle
it, looking back up at the girl. "Nice to meet you." I added. I thought, looking back down and kicking a small rock, then looking up again. Lizzie smiled warmly at me. "Nice to meet you to, Alex Thomas
Tags: ComaroLoveHeartBreakKiss

back to you If it's the last thing I ever do Gotta find a way to make you see You need me solo Half Crazy Half The time Hanging on the telephone line Talking to myself, trying to pray
Tags: Jim Colyer Nashville country music

Dreams Taking me where I wanna be I'm gonna Live My Dreams They're gonna keep me alive Live My Dreams And I'll survive Well, I'm broke but the money's gonna come I'll have it all before
Tags: Jim Colyer country music Nashville

Don't stop trying Keep on flying Like me Be free You can be free You can surmount your problems Make it to higher ground Spread your wings and fly away Don't let them hold you down
Tags: Jim Colyer phoenix country music Nashville

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
With Dolphins, I wrote, "I wanna see the stars, Mauna Kea's calling me." September 13, 2003, I stood atop this extinct volcano 13,750 feet above sea level. "This is beautiful!" I thought. The volcano
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

Probably the first long story I ever wrote.
some soldiers with me to find you and bring you home!", Kassi replied. She tried to drag him out of the alley, but he wouldn't budge. "What's wrong? Dontcha wanna go home? And how come you have a blue
Tags: dogs fiction