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Like he says, No! I'm not stuck! LOL, this was fun
Tags: yorkie stuck in fence

An oil painting on wood I did, gosh.... yep, 1983! It's still hanging on the wall of my kitchen
Tags: Oil apples on wood

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
..and kick hard and crash!!! The kids are late getting home...here comes the ex...RUN!!!!!!!! With that screwed up face you know the b**chin' is coming...yep here he goes..."sorry," I say, "got to run
Tags: Sheryl Staley

This is from the band i am in. We jam, we make good music. Yep
Tags: Rock unsighned metal music

Tags: haha

Yep, a cigar box, a piece of rusted metal, and old telephone handset and a local election ballot create this politically incorrect "call box
Tags: mixed media found objects 3-dimensional sculptu

Yep. It's me
Tags: model modeling beauty beautiful young hot ar

I copied my face on a copy machine...yep
Tags: Copy Machine Self Portrait Black and White

How about this one :D yep that's me
Tags: model beauty

Tags: rhianna roo prettiest blonde

Tags: Yep

Tags: yea...

18x24 Charcoal on paper. This technique is created by completely covering the paper with charcoal, yep... smear it on! (It's really messy, so don't do this in the house.) Once the paper is covered
Tags: ballet shoes dance pointe charcoal

This is what happens when you let something on your property go for so long you forget that it's there. Look closely. Yep
Tags: farm farmhouse tangle architecture contest vi

I wrote this song for my 2 children that I lost 15 years ago, and for the 2 that I had later in my life when we were stay- ing at a hotel before going to the homeless shelter. (yep!) I wanted
Tags: love hope faith sorrow joy strength courage

just fooling around with the camera.
Tags: mssg me!


Tags: self and friend dusty

Yep I got to round them up AGAIN
Tags: geese photography photoshop Nikon

Yep, they are back in their little prison, however there is a rumour that there is a planned revolt for tomorrow
Tags: geese photography photoshop Nikon