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”. In VETTY’S defence, her singing ability (or lack of) wasn’t being tested in this challenge. Courage to carry out task given, actions and reactions on discovery and performing abilities were the prime
Tags: Radio Interview Audition Challenge

of 'Psimonic' comes from my name and the word psionic. Psionic abilities refer to using the mind to manipulate reality, which in a way describes the design process quite well
Tags: psimonic logo design

This is a portrait of my friend Country/Western singer Michael Clay. It is not for sale, but is included as an example of my portrait painting abilities. Commissions are happily accepted
Tags: portrait oil masonite classical

Just a picture i took of myself. its one of a dozen really haha. but this one actually captured myself being, well, myself! plus it also shows the extent of my fashion abilities (makes note to learn
Tags: Tim Cossette Pose Model Clotheing Style DJ

alive, as it keeps me alive. What we do and how we use our powers and abilities will create the peace that we're all looking for. So dance, love, and follow me. -Jacqueline Nicole Lewis-(2008
Tags: Jacque Lewis Follow Me Short Film

I express some of my acting interest and abilities on MySpace.com and FaceBook.com
Tags: Facebook.com and MySpace.com

A friend of mine decided that a group of us were not utilizing our artistic abilities so we agreed to produce something each month. We would pick one word to inspire us. This paintings word
Tags: Charcoal Marker stipple painting grey Marker

A dragon is usually symbolized as a large powerful
, dragon tattoos can mean that they are the creator and protector of life. It is believed that dragons and women possess the same abilities of cunning thought, protection of the items they view as theirs
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

A Romantic Latin feel for my good friend and ex partner Megan. Your the inspiration for all my musical abilities. Thank you. (c) 2008 D Ellus, Music Check out my myspace site http
Tags: song for megan D.Ellus Country Rock ac

This is my Autobiography, full of violence, no pro
Tags: non fiction autobio

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
. Covered in perspiration, due in no small part to Jessdanas rising magical abilities, Raelis wiped a little of the sweat away before putting on his black trousers again. Without thinking, and still
Tags: Short Story

I have a dream: be a movie director. I'm from Bra
in the abilities listed below and in related areas. I communicate effectively and am very creative professionally. Adventist University of Spo Paulo (Unasp-EC), Engenheiro Coelho, Spo Paulo
Tags: My goal

of inducemnet of a transdimensional or altered reality experience for purposes of shamns and shamanesses coming back with immaculate healing abilities, and or divine inspiration. I created
Tags: http://pic70.picturetrail.com/VOL1859/12498577/222

Little Red left home, looking for adventure. She promised herself that she would learn new things, test her own abilities, and discover what the world had to offer! ...and so the journey begins
Tags: Red beetle Lady bug adventure nature

A man travels through time and space searching for
and fantastic new abilities that stretched his original intermingling of microprocessors, nanobytes and the fiber optics in his eye, both hands, both ears and spine to heights only dreamed of. Maybe
Tags: Science Fiction

acting resume
Estate Agent, Mortgage Banking, Event Promotion Television Film Internet Stage Commercials Voice Overs Stand-up Comedy Training Special Abilities
Tags: resume

Seeking a challenging position in which to exhibit leadership, business aptitude, fund-raising abilities, event coordination, volunteer recruitment, marketing and management skills while utilizing my
Tags: Revenue Expansion Business Development M

I am looking to show my talent on either the cooking show, Hell's Kitchen Season 8 or another cooking show. I have alot of experience with culinary abilities and feel I would be right for any show! I
Tags: Amanda

Jim Colyer writes about the New York Yankees!
and the players are juiced." Congress finally cracked down on baseball's use of steroids. Mickey Mantle's abilities eroded in the mid-1960s. He played in pain, taping his legs before every game. He retired
Tags: New York Yankees Jim Colyer Michael Colyer New

A guitar driven instrumental. Trying to show my abilities to solo, more than to construct a rhythm. It was a fun song to play/make
Tags: Music Guitar Extended Expressions