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These Dark eyed Juncos are dripping dry after the snow storm
Tags: juncos dripping dry snow storm

The title cut off my 1st CD "The Call", an emotional grief journal written after my son died in 2003
Tags: Mellow dark emotional

dark and dreary
Tags: dark depressing creepy

I was a sad day when John's Place finally closed. Neighborhood blight was encroaching and people were afraid to park their cars or walk the neighborhood after dark. Liquor licenses were now selling
Tags: john's bar millville painting

An after school confrontation leads 4 teens into an encounter with the Jersey Devil.This is my version of the classic monster from my home state, so don't expect it to look like something you read
Tags: scaryMovieBlooddeathBeastkillUrbanBootynewHorrorJerseyforestWoodsmonsterHalloweendarkdevilLegendhollywood

this picture i took was around 4 in the morning after the thounderstorm
Tags: what?

an intimate peek inside of this gorgeous little bloom. I’ll never look at these tiny little early spring blooms in the same way again after being privy to such intimacy. Everyone should be so fortunate
Tags: crocus floral acrylic contemporary painting ar

dark hair...an hour after i died
Tags: dark

Star of the North The Star of the North brightens greatly stained into the dark night and was twinkling quietly. Night sky that dyes into deep blue, sometimes, shows its eternity and the sea
Tags: Painting

Little Red after a bite to eat
Tags: gothic vampire goth horror nude art fantasy woman dark art dark creepy halloween photography

After a good feeding, Donald was back to his usual self and all smiles...The dark cloud of hunger had been replaced with a silver lining
Tags: Weije caloric buzz silver happiness satiation

I saw a vision of pure dark Room. and Peering out of that pure darkness was a face. but no. not even that! but part of a stark mask. hiding with nothing of light showing. only that mask. hiding
Tags: Acrylic

After spending fifteen minutes in your exercise yard the size of a small bathroom, you are escorted and shackled your way back to your cell where you will spend the rest of the day with very little
Tags: prison jail gaol cells dark depressing Melbourne Australia Black and White

After stumbling in the dark for countless hours, there emerged in the distance a light. I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame...not knowing what to expect...only that it was better than being
Tags: Weije shining path dark to light

This is one a set of wallpapers that I have been putting together, that combine the 3D vehicle design work I do with the graphic design work that is my bread and butter. After rendering
Tags: 3D design motorcycles custom bikes cycles bikes art artisitic Bogdan Asciu dark eagle hot rods

This is definatly one of my favorite drawings.It's a pic of Yusuke after his battle with Chu in The Dark Tournament
Tags: yusukeyuyuhakushoanimemangafanartleviatha9

... creativity. :) Verse 1: One dark Monday morning, I felt as if the sun weren't shining. I got a call, And little did I know that I would fall after the call. She said that I was lying! I
Tags: The Doovie Brothers Cartoon Band comic goofy

the instrument solos as well at the bridge. :D And the choruses are 3 part harmony with a higher voice, medium voice, and lower voice. Also after the 2nd chorus before the 2nd verse, I'm playing
Tags: The Doovie Brothers latin dance Maria trumpe

All 8-year-old Kelly wanted was a kitten of her ow
and horses and play for hours. One day, just after lunch, Kelly was out in the garden when a huge, calico cat, appeared at the edge of the fence. Girl and cat stared at each other for a minute
Tags: short fictionkittenchildrenbirthday

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
in the store and a customer walks in (customer): can I use the crapper. A young man of only about 23 sits behind the counter with wrinkled clothes dark shaggy hair about six feet tall with slightly pale
Tags: stories about musicians not finished