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this is a poem I wrote about a year ago...
relize after all the pain and storms that with ourselves the light is inside and something good was done. So remember my dear friends and loved ones, when life gets you down and the storms come
Tags: by Sheryl Staley

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was written durning the winter of '08 earily '09...we all have our days but they say if you can laugh it is the best medicine for all that ails you
comes the shovel...and out to the cold, I go....come in after get to get, Bill ready to go...Now I have been out 3x's no fall yea! Not to worry..I scrap off the car, BOOM, CRASH, OUCH, I wish I could
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short story of one of my days
. But they seemed to take on a life of there own after the making..they where made of a tiny or medium hook,feathers or spinned of gold,silver,or bronze. Then he would add a bit of paint for eyes. He told me when
Tags: S.Staley

The start of life of the daffodils
Tags: S.Staley

as a child, he was led into a challenging life. After his first confession to Father Vincente Connetti, an equally cursed man, the two become friends. Both, in the end, help each other through their pasts
Tags: New Book Cover

I had taken this self portrait about a year or so ago...In a way, this photo has a lot of meaning to me. I had been a very overweight girl my entire life....I had lost the weight after I graduated
Tags: self portrait body self confidence worth

Adorable Xmas smiley sperm wishing you a safe & white Xmas! He He! OK, lets make all sexual decisions careful & conscious ones! After all....THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Protect Yourself! American Woman
Tags: sperm artspermartsmiley sperm sperm imagesperm

The Reverend - 3am after steampunk ball in Carrboro NC
Tags: Smoke Reverend Portrait Love Hat Cowboy Event Night Steampunk Man Boy Life Art Friends Cigarette White Male Subject Thoughtful Moment

DVD Poster Cover for an immaginary upcoming movie called: Selena, Life after Death
Tags: pen and pencil drawing

we sometimes forget the simple pleasures in life, i like to look to my old man cat for som inspiration, after i took this shot i decided to give it a go and joined him in snoozing in the sun
Tags: cat animals

Everyone has been depressed. Well this song was how i lived my life for the months after my ex fiances death
Tags: stalkindizzy

as blessing all life and the whole world has been held by the divine light After the angel plays his trumpet, he flies up into the air without any sound and throws stardust onto the earth
Tags: Painting

This is my Orange County chopper bicycle, one of two only ones in the world. I'm coming back to LA after dropping one of the bikes off to Mikey and Paul Senior. That bike is on the showroom floor
Tags: St. Louis arch

? Shouldn't we ever stop and ask ourselves what is going on why are creating more and more strife on a planet that cannot support that way of life; why are not only creating it in our physical reality
Tags: art video art time based art visual art andy w

The train is leaving, and it won't wait for anyone. So you have to decide what you want. There's two options and only seconds to decide. Run away, or run after
Tags: Light

A picture of a napkin on a plate at the close of m
Tags: napkin black and white still life original natural light

They longed for the days of black & white and had never embraced the world of color. To them, life was simpler when viewed in shades of gray between the two extremes. After many dead ends, blind
Tags: Weije old cars time travel black & white

they are filled with new life.... review them every morning before you commence your day and ......after they are planted in your heart they will grow into a wondrous garden of achievement
Tags: successsuccess livedonald gordon cartylectures

what? I wondered.. how many layers of a person can one hide behind a mask? yes I chose a geisha.at the end to paint it. but only after learning they have been trained to be many people all behind
Tags: Acrylic

After asking I captured the image of this very friendly, happy good to look at lifeguard protecting people at the beach playing in the water. Note: Click On Image To View this image LARGE. Very
Tags: Female Life Guard Cute Smile Summer