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From Mare Island Naval Base (which closed over 15 years ago
Tags: San Francisco

Taken about 16 years ago at my brother in laws ranch
Tags: Horse

this is a poem I wrote about a year ago
Tags: by Sheryl Staley

Short story of one of my days
fishing pole..he told me the same is true with them..his eye sparkled when he showed it to me. He had made it himself 45yrs ago...it looked brand new to me!! Not a bit of dust or nick in it. He said
Tags: S.Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
~ Then on to story book land,& oh the tales they do tell..of Jack Sprat,The Old lady in the Shoe,& even longer ones to boot~ I have heard of a princess & the pea,a Sleeping Beauty,and others of long ago..never
Tags: Sheryl Staley

My old dog Taz..I miss him too..he was a doberman he died about 2 yrs ago. Really good boy
Tags: S.Staley

Well it is the season to start the cold weather yet this was takin awhile ago during an ice storm here in Ohio
Tags: S.Staley

He's waiting for his fix He left is home along time ago He'll never go back there again Ch X 2
Tags: Acoustic; Rock

this begonia was brought over from Ireland years ago by my great grand mother and have been past down through the family..it's very beautiful
Tags: My grandmothers begonia

Red barn in the winter a few years ago. No snow this year... bummer
Tags: Red barn greenville

This is asongI wrote a couple years ago....it's kinda old and not great compositionally...but catchy
Tags: chris maybe

This is a very simple rnb version of a song I wrote about a year ago. Maybe not the most original style, but I kind of like it anyway
Tags: ..

A drawing I did a few years ago of my dog opie
Tags: Illustration

a year ago
Tags: What do yo tell me

I wrote this a year ago and decided to try to write a musical with it.. musical never got written though... tell me what you think
Tags: Lyrics

a sweet song dylan made a long time ago
Tags: old cousin lenny caution x funny song

this is a short skit/mix/thing i made about a year ago with clips from nickelback, the used, duke nukem 3d, the used, duke nukem 3d, and Alien ant farm (in that order), the pieces are all copyright
Tags: mix used nickelback duke nukem alien ant fa

me chilling in my friends house
Tags: looking good!

This was taken not too long ago and I've gotten a lot of compliments about
Tags: This is pretty

Angela-Lynn Performing Sweet Thing(rec)3 years ago---(Please excuse video quality as this was video taped onto small dv camera then video taped from tv and uploaded) Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy
Tags: Angela-Lynn