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Collage made from the mood invoked from the song, "Lies" by Evanescence off the album, "Origin". Several of the images are scanned and then incorporated
Tags: SantaB Music Art Brian Revels Evenescence Collage

Artwork from the inlay to our album
Tags: art trippy comic

my c.d. cover for my 1st album. it's a double album and this one is called "band set". the second one is called " acoustic set". my second album (all self produce again) is in the making as we speak
Tags: laidbackmanner art music cd cover william fuller

my album cover for my next album...coming soon! P.S. please remember to vote and thanks for lending me your eyes
Tags: william fuller guitars crazy triped-out art MUSIC

This a cover album influenced by the Beatle's cover album, Sergeant Pepper's lobely hearts. Like Peter Blake (the designer of the original cover art) I used a mixture of famous people and family
Tags: Beatles Sergeant-Pepper Cover Album Art Montage

This is an album cover I created using scanned sketches and graphic design on Adobe Photoshop. It is for a screenplay I'm writing
Tags: graphic art

This is another album cover for the same screenplay, done in the same manner
Tags: graphic art

An entry in the Album Art contest for Lunar sway
Tags: Moon Lunar Lunar Sway Rock

Another entry in the Lunar Sway Album Art contest
Tags: Lunar Moon Lunar Sway

This is just one of the few samples I worked on for a band called Captain Pablo for their new album. Unfortunately the lead singer had his mind set on using his own artwork so it was never used
Tags: Ringmaster

contracted time. How difficult it is to make an album where theirs no mistake and acceptance by all
Tags: WeddingsSocialPoliticalPrivate EventsPartiesCorporatePresentationAnniversariesBat MizvahsGlamourFashionModelsNudesArtimpressionistGables Studio Gables Studio Photography

Album Art for Seeking Silence EP
Tags: Ep Album Art Art CD Package Design Graphic

This is an album art i made for my band,Top Dead Center
Tags: modern gothic

DJ TREXXX Mix tape cover
Tags: album cover mix tape graphic design art

Hegira's album artwork from "Wish & Wallow"(CH.1) Photo by Stacey Lescault
Tags: mannequinsSpeak no evilartalbum artdark artfemale fronted band Hegirawomen in rockphotography

Hegira's album artwork from the debut album entitled "Wish & Wallow"(CH.1) Photos by Stacey Lescault
Tags: Mannequinsspeak no evilartalbum artworkfemale fronted rock band Hegirawomen in rockdark artphotography

This photo is from Hegira's debut album "Wish & Wallow"(CH.1) photos by Stacey Lescault
Tags: angelsdark angelsalbum artphotographyphoto of angelangel artHegira's album artworkWish & Wallow (CH.1)female fronted rock bandwomen in rock

This photo is part of the artwork in Hegira's debut album entitled "Wish & Wallow"(CH.1) Photos by Stacey lescault
Tags: angelsphotos of angelsangel photographyangel artalbum artfemale fronted rock band Hegiradark angelswomen in rockwomen in music

Nation 360 Design
Tags: CD Insert

Nation 360 Design
Tags: CD Insert