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Angela sings the standard blues song summertime i
Tags: keeping the blues alive

Short Story..Fantasy short story on how not to set
children, be careful when you open each page. I know that I got that bugger,but you never know with fairy people they could still be alive! I am absolutely certain it would be subdued thought. After
Tags: S. Staley

This is me playing again in the mirror. Send to your friends and there friends to keep the prayer alive
Tags: None

aurora weathered The Cold Season, and your cadaverous arm, sealed on a spectral dagger, welcomed these renascent dawns alive, Divinely Resurrected... It's not how beautiful you were, but how
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse

the freedom of a thousand worlds, My One True Love Unclothed and Alive, tear your mortal chains; give in to the Truth of my stare, the grass of my eyes; flow with the rhythm of my touch
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

Colorful black
Tags: maxima

I wrote and and recorded this song after reading about the rape and murder of a two year old girl this year. I can't think of any good reason to keep the sort of scum that would do such a thing alive
Tags: ska

Duet - God's Word alive and real
Tags: christian mellow

Whale Soundz & Rain Clouds, Screamin' Alive, Funky Groove & You Can Drive
Tags: Thumpin' Funky UpBeat Jamz

This is a song I wrote while I was involved in the
Tags: christian praise jesus worship

This is a bittersweet, intentionally ironic song a
Tags: Folk rock indie pop catchy upbeat uptempo

up everything. The hospital told my folks not to expect me alive when they got there. What I remember was... feeling like my life was holding on by a very thin thread. This young girl was holding my
Tags: music song rock guitar life near death jack

This is a song dedicated to the performing artists
Tags: songwriter song jazz pop original acoustic i

Hermes H.Art New York History. Image of a Cuban Indian Hero who was in the Past against Spain Colonization... Hatuey was Burn Alive just becouse his Ideas of FREEDOM. The real FREEDOM
Tags: Histoy

lived, ate, slept, and drunk music and he was such a commited and powerful musician and i wanted it to show in this piece. Coltrane would have been 80 years old had he still be alive today. He died
Tags: jazz music classical john coltrane tenor sax

Tags: ASIA

Another song from my album.
Tags: music song party upbeat country pop

would like to hear??? See more of VETTY; the Blondest Brunette Darlington Has Ever Met? Contact Alpha Radio and get yourself heard!!! After all it’s you the listeners who keep Radio alive
Tags: Radio Interview Audition Challenge