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the ocean keep us from singing a wonderful duet! "All the Way" was made famous by Frank Sinatra. After his death, the tune was remixed for Celine Dion and it was sang by the two as a duet - Celine
Tags: janniantaukjanniheadall the wayceline dionfrank sinatrajazz

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was written durning the winter of '08 earily '09...we all have our days but they say if you can laugh it is the best medicine for all that ails you
It was a nitmare at Sheri's and all down the street...the wind was blowing...the rain was sleet...and that pretty white stuff that Mark calls snow...just keep coming down...OH I wish it would go
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short Story..Fantasy short story on how not to set
at me,THAT was the last straw! In an uncharacteristic act, I slapped this book shut & trapped that annoying flying fairy inside. It kept squeeling & shouting at me the most obscence way. I just
Tags: S. Staley

. My actions have sealed my fate Ch Brdg When I close my eyes and dream Girl, your all I see When the rain pours down outside I see you are all I need Ch I wrote the song For you
Tags: Acoustic; Rock; Double D's

just thoughts..short writing poem
the same way growing up. I wish at times they were still around to talk with & find out... Times have changed makes me wonder about my grandchildren and how they will be brought up..Hmmm.. May we all
Tags: S.Staley

just a small writing of thoughts
it but never do...In my eyes I see me taking alot of medication why?They only make me loopy & tired..is this the way society wants me?I see them afraid of my kind..they just don't understand...In my eyes I
Tags: S.Staley

Sorry about the talking at the end and stuff. I did it for YouTube to address some of the haters I had on there. Also...sorry about the wall...I took all my Jonas Brothers posters down
Tags: Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are Tina Rose

, the warmth of the Moon', he said 'Lay naked in the Sands of Time Let your hair curl its way into the Sea, fertile and pure Blissfully united, we will re-wing the Universe Smell with me
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

Tags: rock power pop guitar solos solo will willi

A big beat song about getting drunk all day and all night. Puts an entertaining spin on alcoholism! Perfrect for getting the party started. From the upcoming 'Make Way' EP available as a free
Tags: xyl hip hop rap canada vancouver prolly dru

My anime sperm character Mi'Nu Mi'Now, on her way to earth! How we all started ...so innocent! For more info about American Woman Artist Bethann Shannon please visit: www.bethannshannon.com
Tags: sperm art sperm design sperm image sperm painti

Mi'Nu & Mi'Now again , coming to earth! "MADE EVERYWHERE ON MOTHER EARTH" We All started the same way...we are all the same in many ways! Let's stop fighting people! I believe where
Tags: SPERM ART Sperm Designer Bethann Shannon Smiley

NEED IS A BREAK THATS ALL AND I WILL BE SET 8) OH AND BY THE WAY all use of this image and its likeness must be approved by written consent of artist whom is be TREVOR WALDRON Thanks 8) you know
Tags: Trevor Waldron Art Seal SEA ocean Capt Captain Art Drawing Stuff Dude Man anything Water Please look at my art work lol ETC. etc. all ALL Marine biology sealion

i made this track a few weeks ago like all my tracks the portray they way i was feeling at the time, i was not feel to happy, but by creating it that changed
Tags: RnBmusichip hopbabs

This is a special send out to all my family, friends, and fans/famesoure- thank you for all your continued love and support it means so much to me as I continue to find my way in this music business

My singing is not the worst...but it's not the best either. I'm the one in pig-tails all the way to the right of the pic, my only line was " and me I'm in the second grade
Tags: Film Comedy looking for a job!!!!

. It was terrible. I cried. So, I went on my not-so-merry way to work. When I got there, a lady I worked with had brought a baby deer that she had just saved that morning from wild dogs. The dogs had
Tags: sculpture ceramic turtle

check diz out, not all the way finished but since i like the new taltopia fam i want yall to critique this n get back at cha boi
Tags: beat

practising lines To make you go weak at the knees I've got a napkin, to wipe all the sweat from my palms when they're feeling the heat You may not feel the same way I won't talk about
Tags: acoustic guitar zahir zack singapore innocenc

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here's the script: Asher asked all of his friends to meet him at the "Cafe Chocolat" On the way Shadow decided to do some dashing in between cars and was Nearly hit by a Mercedes...but was saved
Tags: Friends Asher Shadow Edmund Matteo Gina