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I couldn't believe it when I saw it. This was taken just off the road, in someones yard. The deer were out thick today. Ya gotta drive slow in mountains, esp. around the apple trees, you are sure
Tags: so deer

my cousine and her husband in their garden
Tags: oil on canvas

A picture of a apple tree blooming
Tags: apples farm trees fruit sky

A row of Apple Trees bursting out in spring splendor on blue sky
Tags: Apple trees bursting spring splendor

We have a family of squirels that live in our two apple trees. They rest up there and haven't a care whether I am taking their picture or not. They come up along the patio cornis and sit next to me
Tags: bature animals squirel tree summer photograph

Spring blossoms are always a welcomed site after a
Tags: apple blossoms spring flowers trees nature pretty

Of all the lovely blossoms That decorate the trees And shower down their petals With every breath and breeze There is nothing so sweet and fair to me As the delicate blooms of the apple tree
Tags: Nature Spring Apple blossoms photography

Tags: trees apples

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
, the tendency for two bodies to attract whether they are the earth and an apple or the earth and the moon. Einstein gave us relativity. Relativity says that the speed of light is the only absolute
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

Peanut and her friend
Tags: greeninsectswaspnestredgrayclaybrownpine coneslinesbutterflyorangeapple blossomsnatureapple treesdogpink

Pink Gerber Daisy
Tags: greeninsectswaspnestredgrayclaybrownpine coneslinesbutterflyorangeapple blossomstreesnatureflowers

three dead trees
Tags: naturebeeyellowgreeninsectswaspnestredgrayclaybrownpine coneslinesbutterflyorangeapple blossoms

My version of a blend of today and 1926
Tags: greeninsectswaspnestredgrayclaybrownpine coneslinesbutterflyorangeapple blossomstreesnatureflowersparrotsbirds

panoramic image of a medow
Tags: medowlandscapefieldorchardapple treesgrassbeautifulprettyamazing

A shot of apple trees in a deep freeze
Tags: trees nature ice landscape

A short story
At the west end of Springville road, two fields from the end, on a derelict farm, stood a grove of apple trees. There were a dozen or so, scattered in no apparent order across an acre of land
Tags: childhoodhorsesOregonmemoir