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im on heavy playing ddr a song called senorita and youll see my face,my feet hitting the arrows,and youll see the screen with the arrows i hope you enjoy
Tags: ddr

"That is an artist as I love artists, modest in his needs: he really only wants two things, his bread and his art - panem et Circen." -Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, Maxims and Arrows
Tags: greek mythology circe oil painting

It's all about lighting . . . and composition, and
Tags: child boy beach ocean pacific oregon cannon

Jus sitting on the roof one day, out in the sticks
Tags: weathervane wind direction roof arrows north south east west

A bunch of arrows in a design
Tags: art doodle arrows pencil

by the best craftsmen in the land. It repelled almost all arrows and daggers. Only one soldier in the world cold even give him a challenge. His name was Baron. Baron Hu. While he was thinking, one
Tags: Writing

Available on itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon ************ It is in the character of very few men to honor without envy a friend who has prospered. ~Aeschylus Envy slays itself by its own arrows
Tags: Rock Alternative Classic Rock Green eyed monste

A poem I wrote in 10 minutes between classes one d
An ancient war in ancient days Was fought in very ancient ways Arrows came down, as did swords Felling many powerful lords The two fought very long From dusk until the next years dawn All the time
Tags: Bestial Life Poem

the collision forces victory over the Iraq's military. The large bold eagle with the arrows in it's right talon , and with it's left talon open to attack, = the U.S. attacking Iraq. The banner mad up
Tags: bannerarrowswarinvationIraqi flagVictory Through Pr

the name. I do want the arrows, the spheres and the letters in the final logo. Not exactly the same though, improve them if possible. 2. That it is global. I added a globe in the background. You can
Tags: logocontest

great song by Maxx12
Tags: 13 Arrows

Rockin instrumental
Tags: Maxx12

arrows and triangles
Tags: abstract