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Tags: Entertainment Celebrity Model

This is a short film I made of my paintings put to a favorite movement of mine
Tags: painting art dark pirates victorian ireland video film classical music

graphite pencil drawing
Tags: Frodo Lord Rings drawing cool Tracie Cotta Trace Tracer Sean Gordon pencil fan art fanart movie film epic adventure Elijah Wood

Gladiator pencil drawing
Tags: drawing Russell Crowe Gladiator movie pencil art fan art Tracie Cotta Sean Gordon Trace Tracer cool film

pencil and prismacolor.
Tags: Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise drawing cool actress star movie film Tracie Cotta Trace Tracer Sean Gordon fan art drawing

Rudolph Valentino in The Sheik. Done in pencil. G
Tags: Sheik Rudolph Valentino drawing actor film movie cool art fan art Tracie Cotta Sean Gordon Trace Tracer

A brief overview of several projects I completed.
Tags: Montage Drugs Art Zombie Wave Runner Music kiss Troy Barton

One of a series of images I made of the derelict London power station, as the basis of my short film DAY OUT (which also drew on my poem of the same title
Tags: digital fine art writer poet photographer Photoshop new media outsider survivor

My work is a fusion of multimedia imagery (principally created through digital manipulation), my own poetry and sometimes film
Tags: Fine art artist photography digital art writer poetry poet multimedia film outsider survivor Photoshop

of it. A few months later we now have that script in a different format. Film. A DVD. To everyone who helped make this possible, thank you. Makin' It Happen Productions PRPL Productions Metro
Tags: Parallel Cut Edgar Metro-Marcel Films Gotti Makin It Happen BH Confidential Brandi Maclaren Bill Steele Debra Hopkins Eddie DeLeon Edgar Metro Erica Sardarian acting independent film

A video shot as Mike and I were walking along Town
Tags: music movies film art

Digitally illustrated poster created for film
Tags: Graphic Design Art Crutch Movie Poster black and white

An example of some of the experimental short film making I am involved in with my collaborators. That's me as the Sherpa
Tags: Sherpa Science film art Denver Risley Jake Thhomason Lars Turpen video production characters

Monster from Pan's Labyrinth. Completely drawn wi
Tags: Pan's Labyrinth monster film drawing art cool color pencil Guillermo Del Toro Trace Tracie Tracers face hands eyes scary

Handmade monkey art doll special made for film director Ronni Raygun Thomas
Tags: Artwork Designs by Moe Jo Studio

A speedsketch of a rampaging dragon.
Tags: dragon art artist painting cool film fantasy dan monroe sexy girl

A speedpainting of Thor fighting the Midgard serpe
Tags: dragon painting drawing how to tutorial art artist painting cool film fantasy dan monroe sexy girl

starring my bff katie burke
Tags: art