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Short Story on life in my home with children~
...I don't even cry when I get hurt I just go OWWWWWWCH....and swear a couple times get up and go on....ROFL. I ask her if I can touch it...NOOOOOOOOO she yells and gets up to get a band aid saying
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Short story of life at home~
...and what's that you ask,where am I in all this...I'm pulling my hair out in this christmas bliss... While Bill is a yelling, at the pets to settle down,the kids are a whineing it's time to go home now
Tags: By sheryl Staley

About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
sticking out of the fridge...it's Lee's..."Hi Mom!" "And just where do you think your going?", I ask,"Eating grapes" Nope helping wash dishs...HA HA CAUGHT HER!!!! HA HA HA...cough cough..awwwwwwww
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A poem about mentally illness as I do have Bipolar
,name call, & don't know what it's all about. A normal routine is all they ask and be away from fears that never seem to go away. God bless the mentally ill..as the people just don't understand
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

This is my interpretation of the acoustic version of this song. It's my favorite song at the moment. I hope you enjoy it. You can fame or shame it. It doesn't matter. I just ask
Tags: Taylor Swift Tina Rose Pixie Lott Use Someb

Another shot of the sea. it wasnt purple to begin with so please dont ask. san diego, ca
Tags: ocean wave odd akward wtf mate

Charlottesville is just like New York City! Just ask somebody from C'ville
Tags: Virginia New York satire hicks zarling

roll with the Stars. Ask Fergie Ferg. She knows me
Tags: Photo's Model Acting Dance The works A&F

just ask
Tags: me

just ask
Tags: just ask

just ask
Tags: me

just ask
Tags: me

and you need a quick fix-I got interchangeable prosthetic dicks-at 8 double-o f^#k 6-6-6-in the black hoe with the galaxy's hottest picks-ask for the Jedi known as the space pimp-with a saber for a cane
Tags: Star wars the jedi pimp rock metal industria

Oh dear what goes on in the mind of an artist when
Tags: Clown shakspear silly

to them on the field it's nice to ask, "how was it losing to a girl?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is a photo that I have been wanting to do
Tags: Paintball women mans sport Bunker babe sport

I wrote this song a couple weeks ago... Inspired b
Tags: Acoustic


for sumthing on this website dont ask
Tags: ...

This is a photo taken of my beloved pet and best friend Bambi. It was taken a few weeks before he past on from cancer. He was the best dog anyone could ask
Tags: cute pet photos

yeah word. Some people always ask me why, why is it do I want that girl. Girl I want you because I'm falling in love. A.S.I.A.N. W.O.M.A.N. (Chorus) Asians don't love me. Is it a cultural thing? I
Tags: reh dogg love asians