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spray paint 06
Tags: spray paint astronomy psychadelic

won 2nd place in Philippine Astronomical
Tags: carvez

acrylic, I think
Tags: nebula stars astronomy sky acrylic painting

The universe has always attracted the attention of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian, Greek, and Roman. Mesoamerican cultures such as the Mayan were immersed in astrology and astronomy
in astrology and astronomy since the beginning of times, but the magic of Shooting Stars Tattoos was something that they never considered to catch those errant stars. The universe has always attracted
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

Jim Colyer writes about Alaska.
, that whistling brings them out. I wanted my trip centered around astronomy. Mount McKinley is in Denali. It is the highest mountain in North America at 20,320 feet. There is controversy over the mountain's name
Tags: Jim Colyer Alaska

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy
ASTRONOMY I have had three rounds of astronomy. Round one was as a teenager in the early 1960s. I learned the constellations and watched meteor showers. Round two was in my 30s. I got
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun planets Milky Way galaxies cosmology

Jim Colyer writes about astronomy
NIGHT SKY I joined the Barnard-Seyfert Astronomy club in Nashville. It is Barnard with two "a"s and Seyfert with two "e"s. The group met at the Adventure Science Center. I was looking for dark sky
Tags: Jim Colyer asronomy stars planets moon sun g

Jim Colyer and Michael's mother do America.
to the astronomy library. Returning to the bus terminal, I was reminded of the uniqueness of this city by the light reflecting from the top of the LDS Temple. I glanced at a newspaper in a box. A picture
Tags: Jim Colyer Karen Colyer New York City Canada M

This is my version of a comet streaking through sp
Tags: sky comet blue stars astronomy

I'm often inspired by the night sky, so I painted
Tags: blue night sky purple stars astronomy galaxy

I. Sunset II. Insomniac Sky III. Delights Refrac
Tags: TonePoem Space Orchestra Astronomy