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in 3rd place.Not bad for a chair act. Please don't try this at home you might break a leg on the chair. (haha) Enjoy

This is a tropical flower from a plant that only blooms once. After it blooms it has small shoots that you break off and plant. They too will only bloom once. Makes tropical plants around trees
Tags: pink flower

Nitemare's of kids in the home~
dear friends, I feel like Hunch Back of Norte Dame...Give me sanctuary!!!!! My Dishes are piled to the ceiling...my bathroom, the door is closed,the water is ready to break out...they took baths once
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A glorious sunrise
Tags: Sunrise light trees colours

writing about spirit
cant touch something you cant feel break us from this endless pit kill our selves and release the chains that keep us shackled in our brains Kill our selves means the ego not the body
Tags: poetry poem art writing dismay

This little guy is taking a quick break on my rosebush
Tags: hummer in rosebush nature

The sun trying to break through the clouds
Tags: glory nature tree sun rays clouds

Get The Album
Tags: Qball

break on through to the other side
Tags: sun sky clouds dezer

I burned an old break-up/love letter and saw it made the shape of a heart in the middle. Thought it was kind of ironic
Tags: burned

Black and white photo ( not digital)
Tags: black and white

Miami's beautiful spring break
Tags: Miami Florida

Barrows: String Trio No. 2 second and third movements From a live concert 2nd and 3rd movements, played attacca (without break
Tags: Barrows String Trio No. 2 second and third

It's break time!PictuRe timE witH mY crEws oF firSt masTer piecE...my idEas anD my script,pluS i'm The leaD chaRacter toO
Tags: SmiLE foR thE caMerA

Here's a trailer from my new film China Dolls. Two Asian girls that are born into the underground world of human trafficking break free and now the mob wants them back...with interest
Tags: asian sex drugs massage human trafficking asi

We love to do a bicycle tour. It's not a 'tour de
Tags: switzerland gekmas landscape bicycle

KONICHIWA! He's getting ready to make a break through (and he knows it!) Smiley Sperm! www.mypetsperm.com for SPERM DESIGNS www.thesillyspermshop.etsy.com All of Bethan Shannon's work
Tags: Sperm designs Sperm Wallpaper Sperm Fabric Sper

This is the dining room of the Root Cellar, a bar in Dorothy, NJ. The band was taking a break between sets, and that was the inspiration for this American Bar series painting, soon to be released
Tags: bars paintings

NEED IS A BREAK THATS ALL AND I WILL BE SET 8) OH AND BY THE WAY all use of this image and its likeness must be approved by written consent of artist whom is be TREVOR WALDRON Thanks 8) you know
Tags: Trevor Waldron Art Seal SEA ocean Capt Capt

All this guy wants to do is watch a booty shaking
Tags: Girls Ass Computer Thong Dance Break Web Boss Desk Space Office Work Booty Windows