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two mature bald eagles
Tags: sparring

My Aunt Jacquee spotted the baby, making it our th
Tags: young bald headed eagle nature

My Aunt Jacquee found this one, making it our seco
Tags: bald headed eagle second 2

This is the second eagle; I missed the in flight p
Tags: bald headed eagle ~ 2 nature

I'd say one of my best Bald Eagle shots to date. Taken at Antelope Lake, CA on May 3, 2011
Tags: Bald Eagle Antelope Lake CA May 3 2011 Nature

Bald Eagle's nest taken at Antelope Lake, CA May 3, 2011
Tags: bald eagle nest nature Antelope lake may 3 2011

the first song of our new demo
Tags: Hard Times Rock The Black Mamba The Bald Session

the third song of our new demo
Tags: Under Control (The Wall Of Sound) The Black Mamba Rock The Bald Session

the second song of our new demo
Tags: Living Tonight Rock The Black Mamba The Bald Session

Tags: Shiny Bald Shampoo

Tags: Eagles of Canada

day at the zoo, this old, bald ape looked bewildered
Tags: ape thinking comedy smart animal

"Stacks" - from the movie "Last Night in D-Town"
Tags: bald

The Griffon Vulture It is a typical Old World vulture in appearance, with a white bald head, very broad wings and a short tail. It has a white neck ruff and yellow bill. The buff body and wing
Tags: africa asia bald body buff carrion europe flocks griffon head hisses mountains roosts scavenger the vulture vultures

The Stunning Bald Eagle......... Bald Eagles live near large bodies of open water such as lakes, marshes, seacoasts and rivers, where there are plenty of fish to eat and tall trees for nesting
Tags: alaska american bald bird birds canada carrion eagle fish florida fly glide kingdom4 mammals sky sociable vocal wing

Portrait of a Bald Eagle taken while I was living in Florida
Tags: Bald Eagle

Just a bald elf girl painting. I use to like it but now it just gets creep to look at sometimes
Tags: elf feathers painting

A painting of a bald eagle with the American flag in the back ground. I personally would never do something like this, but I figured that someone would buy it, so I did it just for that. And someone
Tags: america bald eagle flag painting