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Tags: FlierPosterArtDesign

i had a dream of this and then i painted it
Tags: angels deamons jesus cross

The Greatest Rap Beef in the Universe has begun. S
Tags: Star wars battles trek Darth Vader Spock Smack DVD Rap Freestyle Hiphop

Ft Massac near Metropolis Illinois,
Tags: Fort_MassacHistoricalHistoryMassac_countyMetropolisIllinoisCivil_WarExplorersbattles

Cover art for a hypothetical game...
Tags: Weije video games WWII Tanks Battles

This is a song that i wrote about the nation that
Politics and drama Is all this country lives on Theres no jobs no money For anyone So think next time Before you help someone They wont return the favor After the battles been won We will all
Tags: Jacob Lankford

can I do? He looked up at his sword Bloodforce. Bloodforce had helped him win many battles, and saved his life many times. It was rumored that the person who battled with it would discover a secret
Tags: Writing

by George G. Meade. After Gettysburg, Custer fought other battles. Aside from his Civil War service, he is best known for his defeat and death at the Little Bighorn River on June 25, 1876
Tags: karchner george custer pencil civil war penc

A suppositional story of how Satan and his angels
appreciate your strength and devotion, Michael, but if Samael leaves, let him go his own way. The time for battles is not now. Then the Lord looked at His Accuser. So, is this what you want, Samael
Tags: short story

personal and corporate transformation
and take on a life of their own, refusing to die. Are all battles lost, worthless? Should we even fight? One day, one dark brilliant day, I was given the choice; I was offered life; I was offered
Tags: poetry

who can save mankind from an ancient war and a battle to end all battles, but is he strong enough to fight an evil that may bring about the beginning of the end? Destiny is written in the pages
Tags: Occult supernatural gay angels

long. I, however, finally do Theres nothing that means more Than our love that is so true And one day will be hidden no more. Until that time, well fight the battles That occurs to us every day
Tags: poem

The eventual end to the current state of the world
no sense.Pointless battles are fought,These words effect are naught.Arrogance overcomes it all,And will one day be your downfall.Page 1
Tags: Arrogance War Peace Fighting Downfall

the second poem in a series of 3 about the great w
Tags: second world war poem fighting battles dying

This is a term paper that I am writing for my chil
never pick battles which are not way to look at it. The battles are only half won to choose different plans. If plan A doesnt work, there are many other letters in the alphabet. Tantrums are normal
Tags: paper classes college child psychology