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This beetle is really enjoying the nectar on this little wild flower. 7-2-09
Tags: Beetle

This beautiful radiant green beetle stopped by for a visit on my hand. 7-2-09
Tags: Radiant Green Beetle

This beautiful beetle gathers pollen on this Queen Anne's Lace 7-24-09
Tags: Queen Anne's lace beetle

This was done on my imac.
Tags: Shunk small head

Cane Toad, (Bufo Marinus) The cane toad was introduced into Gordonvale Queensland 22kms south of Cairns in 1935 from Hawaii to combat the sugar cane beetle which was destroying the crops
Tags: cane toad australian wildlife painting

Pen and Ink Drawing of Bug
Tags: Pen and Ink Drawing

Pen and Ink of Beetle
Tags: Pen and Ink Drawing

On a roadtrip to Louisiana, I stopped at a gas sta
Tags: beetle cement cracks

Tags: beetle pine macro

Wish i knew what kinf of beetle this is,does anybody know
Tags: Beetle

Brian and the June-bug beetle
Tags: Bugsmacrohumorcreative editing

Japaneese Beetle sun bathing
Tags: Nature

A ladybug with a "W"
Tags: ladybug beetle insect bug macro

Japanese beetle hanging on to a day lily
Tags: Color

Tags: beetles bugs

A beetle and his little green friend
Tags: michelle

ladybeetle in selective colour
Tags: photography beetle flower

Little Red was on an adventure! Far from home, she
Tags: lady bug red beetle leaf balance nature

This little guy was moving so fast, I just had to
Tags: beetle insect fast nature

Little Red headed home after being on quite an adv
Tags: Red beetle lady bug leaf nature insects