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Copy of paper for college speech and communication
our blood and our cultures, while still harboring individual cultural communities. But, there are some ways of communicating an idea that remain rather constant. For example: If one is rude enough
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

just a picture i took of myself while laying in my bed
Tags: b&w

Took a series of pictures while my daughter was getting her tongue peirced
Tags: Black and White Photography Photo Picture Portfolio Girl Female Art

upward shot of office building
Tags: black and while building BW office landscape photo photography building

Just a little imagery to watch while you listen to a sample of my music
Tags: Artie Cohen Electrified Steel Metallica Megadeth Ozzy Osbourne Black Sabbath Ted Nugent Zakk Wylde Michael Angelo Batio Guitar Metal Rock Music

I drew this from a birthday card from a while ago. I called it Whiskers and the Butterfly
Tags: cat kitten cute small drawing draw black white sweet grass butterfly

She appeared to me while taking a picture of this barn in New Hampshire
Tags: photography black white

A photo of the clouds I took while out sailing
Tags: Black and white clouds

Chilean Blue Eagle also known as the Black-chested Buzzard-eagle. Bird of prey found in South America. It is the only member of the genus Geranoaetus. It belongs in the hawk and eagle family
Tags: america bird birds black blue buzzard carrion chested chilean cliffs eagle eagles hilly mammals mountainous nests prey rabbits rocky snakes terrain trees

While hiking the Appalachian Trail in N.J.,we stopped to admire the scenery and I spotted this guy in the brush.This is a yellow-phase,there are also black-phase. 1986
Tags: Nature Imagery

Jazz musician contemplating his next piece while sitting on a bench with a "midnight" view of the city in the background
Tags: Oil Painting Jazz Musician Black Art African American Art

This picture was taken in my house while I was laying on my couch.(strange
Tags: The black light

So this drunk woman came up to me one day down at the Ohio River. She stumbled over to my table, waving her wine around; chitchatting incoherently-all the while lifting her pants and flashing
Tags: red green blue orange white black stars drunk wine river camera birgitta photo photography wood socks

I found this on an old country backroad, just in passing it looked like to trees dancing while the 'crowd' gathered at a distance to watch the moves
Tags: treesaspensnaturewoodsblack and white

I snapped this picture while I was taking a walk... He had the most gentle eyes I'd ever seen... although I didn't get to capture that.... I still really like this photograph
Tags: Portrait color black and white photograph

While shooting a video at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA I found some great shots. The black and white really makes it timeless
Tags: Queen Mary Classic Car Black and White

Firahs B Productions The Black Experience in Theatre at its Best Is coming back to the stage this Spring with the premiere of a new stage play written, produced and directed
Tags: Acting

I took this photo while at the old ruins in Puerto Rico in November of 2007. I found the lady with the hat quite interesting looking all dressed in black with the exception of her white hat
Tags: Black and white

Self portrait with forground element as while and background elements as black
Tags: digital drawing portrait painting sketch grap

silliness may like this, while others will find this VERY childish! And I also admit if you know me in person, you WILL NOT believe this is me talking. I'm very quiet. :) These voices I act
Tags: funny chiildish silly voice acting Doov Dube