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tv static
Tags: head portrait graphic design red bleed hair white

Tags: Rock female punk

to bleed into the adjacent area. For example, the green blends behind the orange, and the orange behind the purple, and so on, creating asthetic contrast. In order to prevent a confusing color mishap I
Tags: fruit watercolor bright contrast loud vegetab

times Lock myself away Lock myself away No yeild to the pain I Bleed and I bleed I've been so wounded for so long So Hollow Hollowed out Hollow.... To fall
Tags: Hollow

Don't git 2 close, U mite git cut, & bleed
Tags: black & white

sacrifice makes him Saint
Tags: saint angel devil evil Gothic Goth halo wings string heart blood bleed black white sacrifice male man innocent

so I keep on bleeding (I want you to bleed) You make me feel warm You make me feel so alive I want to let go and feel your touch I want to feel your heart to mine Because you make me feel so
Tags: light acoustic

Another poem
once was the most beautifullcherubim in heaven resideThe blackest blood did bleed for all to seeThick and prutredIt is the end of our enemy ¬ 2008 Summer RPage 3
Tags: angelsdemonssatanhatewarbloodtormentarmaged

What is a tattoo? A tattoo is a design on the s
traumatized skin. Picking them off is not only gross, it's painful, will bleed and you're just asking for infection. It will make your tat look ugly, and who wants to show that off? The color
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

I've always seemed to have a certain likeness and
they bleed, or did they scrawl an undetermined brawl? Whyd you turn around, whyd you turn away, trek to your car and speed away? Fallen to the prey of a configured dismay, driven away by all
Tags: poem

Another really dark one, top three of all time for
as I writhe and plead My thoughts flash to a life all crimson and violentWhere I am a witch and my mouth whispers SatanMy veins bleed in worship, as all skin tearsA whore to the ecstasy of demonic
Tags: poetry

A poem about standing up for yourself when others
IF ANYONE. By - Ariel Mitchell If you cut me I won't bleed If you step on me I will be on top When you hurt I love If you cry I'll laugh with happiness As they walk through hell I'll fly
Tags: Poem sadness goth bravery boldness

For my girl.
Take yourself up off that floor, I cant watch you do this thing... Cant watch you bleed anymore, I just want to hear you sing... Dont you know? Did I never tell you? Youre my glow, My flawless
Tags: Beautiful Love Girl

Love is always hard, especially if you don't truly
if Ill fight. Oh, I know its hard, I know its wrong. Lifes such an art. But, weve got more, me and you, More than skin, To bleed through. All wounds heal, And all water runs clean, Strong men still
Tags: Asleep Cold Hard Pain

A man travels through time and space searching for
, Commander, Fox retorted. Its how I survived coming from one parallel universe to this one. Anyone else would have been disintegrated by the energy bleed. Im not infected. Im not authorized to make
Tags: Science Fiction

A digital self-portrait I did for Halloween. It wa
Tags: halloween tear rip skin flesh pull girl teeth bleed blood drip

This is a song that I wrote called creeping, it's
bleed out I wanna hear you scream out! V3 Hold your breath so still Im right around the bend Your fear I can feel And your heart I will blend Chorus But Im still creeping up on you Of all
Tags: Creeping

on the spot. Lyrics are as follows: I may have left some things unsaid, but darlin' please believe me/I never meant to make you bleed/I never meant to do so many things, but I/I'm alone/I don't know
Tags: Sorry regret acapella song love unsaid just

... When I hurt, I swear it's always well deserved When I bleed, it's always more than likely what I need Yet when it's good, it feels like I've got far more than I should And when things work
Tags: acoustic indie folk rock original song piano

The longing of romance Self applied make up!
Tags: doll Makena Hyde ArtemisDreams Nakedbloomsinsnow model muse red bow j rock Japan Japanese plastic pale death dead black dark sick romance these walls bleed red studio art