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i took the picture in a moving bus, imagine...
Tags: lights blurr

experience encounters with spirits [good and evil/angels and demons]. The title “Jump Roping” is a play on a small blurry figure in the lower right. However, jump roping also refers to “jumping” through
Tags: jump roping perspective dimensions spiritual p

Tags: Dice Die Roll Gambling lucky focus blurry out of close up

A blurry picture of me that I took myself
Tags: black white gray Kira

A blurry picture
Tags: Me

kept it a bit blurry, to give the floaty feeling I was looking
Tags: shadows

The fucking noose tied, so cold Half eyes open, blurry and surreal Haunted words drain the water from the well Though it’s already been abandoned. Where’s the motherfucking sea Part it now so I
Tags: a lynching acoustic rock solo vocals singing

It's a tad blurry, but i love the colors in the birch leaves and bark
Tags: trees birch tree fall colors white gold bro

was on a friend of mine's front porch & when I looked up, guess what i saw... Ta-Da. Blurry as shit though, isn't
Tags: porch dead bugs overhead light house what?

I can remember scoping this one out for a while before I finally snapped it. Sure, you might say "but it's blurry" & yr right, but it turned out jus how I wanted it to. Next
Tags: stairs blurry up dizzy criticism pretentious yuppies

Eventually, everything becomes blurry and fades away This kind of thing only comes around
Tags: alternative TO THINK OF folk indi

I took this around christmas . its slightly blurry but i still like it. Ill have to improve this shot by taking more moon shots...any suggestions
Tags: Moon water

At a local autocross event in Florence, SC
Tags: racing cars color frame border photography blurry people

This one is a little blurry. But I wanted to get a good picture of me laying down
Tags: http://i683.photobucket.com/albums/vv200/moe031608

kinda blurry
Tags: (:

Its a little blurry but i loved developing my own pics, i took a class in high school and these are from then, me and my friend sitting on church steps
Tags: kidspeopletownlightsitsteps

Kind Of Blurry But Full Body Picture
Tags: full body

Nature and Life emerge in this true life picture o
Tags: dandy lion seeds puff nature and life & outside blurry green leafy

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
me now. I stared at my computer, the screen getting more and more blurry, Iwiped away my tears. I had to do something, so I did. I could have only said four words: I still love you but I wrote so much
Tags: I love you hate you

I cropped this phot a bit too much that it came out some what blurry. I still like
Tags: Moon Photography