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My cat Grim trying to take a nap but I won't let h
Tags: Grim In The Box

my cat angel waiting for Grim to pounce on her into the box
Tags: S.Staley

Grim jumps up & surprises Angel inside the box
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
. That evening I asked my mother for a birthday card from her all occasion box. At school, I showed the card to my friend. Oddly, she wanted to sign it too. Then the girl across the aisle wanted
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Typographer's deck of cards tuck box designed to pay homage to the great typographer and designer Herb Lubalin
Tags: SantaB Deck of Cards Typography Herb Lubalin B

a drawing i had to do in a dark room of a bunch of
Tags: none

Graphic created for movie.
Tags: Brain Box Instructions Graphic Design Head

My little man! size 40x50x4cm Acrylic painting on box canvas
Tags: child boy buttercups flower acrylic painting

bit of a gothic feel to this one. 46x60x4cm Acrylic painting on box canvas
Tags: gothic dark woman acrylic painting

Angel of Light - mixed media and found objects. The box is not really rusted iron, but light balsa
Tags: found objects mixed media scupture

Here the box is open revealing the innards
Tags: mixed media found objects sculpture

Here is a close up view of the inside of the box
Tags: mixed media found objects sculpture

this is my pet Ive had him for 10 years.
Tags: Turtle

This is the first piece in the series. When I first thought of a head music box I envisioned the head turned into an old style pipe organ
Tags: baby head music box

This is the second piece in the series. Originally, I painted it gold but it didn't fit the uglyness of the head so I repainted it as a zombie. With it's open head that exchanged a music box
Tags: baby head music box

This is the third piece in the series. I wanted a
Tags: Baby head Music Box

This is the fourth piece in the series. A crown of
Tags: Baby head Music Box

In this world, Fairies light the streets at night. It's a place where technology is replaced by magic and magical beings. My brother gave me an old lantern box. I didn't know what to do with it until
Tags: light fairy cage