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The Emu is Australia's tallest native bird. Emus are easy to identify. Adult Emus are covered with shaggy grey-brown feathers except for the neck and head, which are largely naked and bluish-black
Tags: animals bird birds brown emu feathers fruits grey insects large neck plants seeds

Both sexes of Canada geese have a black head and neck except for broad white cheek patches extending from the throat to the rear of the eye. The female of a breeding pair is often smaller. The breast
Tags: Canadan Goose at Yellowstone

Edited by me
Tags: Brown Hair

16x20 painting of a lion head on canvas acrylic
Tags: lion-beast-blue-cat-brown-black-animal-game-wild life-eyes-arcylic

All 8-year-old Kelly wanted was a kitten of her ow
. The cat stretched lazily, and began washing her face with a forepaw. Kelly giggled. She reached out her hand. "Here kitty, kitty," she said softly. A KITTEN FOR KELLY 2 The cat raised her head and looked
Tags: short fictionkittenchildrenbirthday

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
suddenly ravenous stomach. I found a Twinkie and immediately bit its head off. Once I finished my sudden snack, I found that mom and Gabriel where in the Living room surrounded by boxes. I also suddenly got
Tags: story twilightish stuff

the begining of a novel that's currently on haitus
the feeling of intense heat. For the first time since coming to at the Spring Garden substation. He remembers the chipped and broken tiles, once white but brown from years of grime and fading graffiti
Tags: Satan Hell

This is a short story of a point in my life. I hop
as the preacher would say his sermon, in fact he never went, it was all in my head, He cursed and cursed him out with them blood shot eyes and I would close my eyes tighter at night, Pray and wonder who I
Tags: SCREAMS_http://www.myspace.com/samanthadenisepasca

The story of a young boy's coming-of-age
mother was born on The Mountains. Like all the women in her family, she grew up tall and slender, with clear dark skin, thick long hair and snuff brown eyes. Their supple beauty and firm character
Tags: Short Story

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
are hard and kind of muscular. I am pale white with dark blue eyes and dark ash brown hair and not so slender, but a little chunky, obviously not an athlete. Its awkward at times with my mom
Tags: this book is a work in progress

This is my Autobiography, full of violence, no pro
Tags: non fiction autobio

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
. Jessdana had a stroke of brilliance then and she threw back her hair and tilted her head. A jagged, brown slash rested just behind her left ear. This was a birthmark that only Dantharians had
Tags: Short Story

A suppositional story of how Satan and his angels
accusations wound me, Samael, more than you can begin to imagine, Jehovah said, sighing and shaking His head. The Lord's eyes were sad, a great departure from the fierce anger that the Accuser had expected
Tags: short story

This a recent repertoire list covering the vast ar
Boys Surfin USA Beach Boys Ride Captain, Ride Blues Image The Letter Box Tops, Joe Cocker Doctor My Eyes Jackson Brown Running on Empty Jackson Brown I Want You to Want Me Cheap Trick Colour My
Tags: Songlist Repertoire Guitar Vocal Singer Setli

The summer my parents divorced, my dad sent my bro
a car slow and turn into our driveway. I looked at Jake. He lifted his head and stared straight ahead, eyes blazing. I knew it, he said, and quickly climbed down from the tree. I hurried after him
Tags: divorce runaway brothers teenagers fort small

Resume of Laurel Tyndall, actor
Laurel V. Tyndall Actress Singer Height: 5 4 Phone: (770) 722-0719 Weight: 101 (770) 339-7578 Hair Color: Brown Email: araaduial@yahoo.com Eye Color: Hazel TyndallL@bellsouth.net Vocal Range
Tags: Tyndall Laurel Resume CV

A short story I wrote for a friend. Easily my favo
was on the ground holding his head, gritting his teeth trying not to yell in pain. The other figure stood there with a metal pipe in their hands, with blood clinging to the end of it. "Tuck you want
Tags: Josh Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
. "Wait? Josh? Dude what the hell?!" Tucker yelled eyes blaring deceit. Josh took off his hood showing his brown/black eyes rimmed with hate and fury. Lunging at him again, Josh pinned Tucker
Tags: Tucker Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
with Aaron's brown eyes. "Why do you want me dead?" Cassie asked letting her fear seep into her voice. Smirking, Aaron took a step forward, and slammed her against the wall. "It's none of your
Tags: Cassie Horror Death

A short story I wrote for a friend.
, the threw her over the edge making her neck snap. Bloodshot eyes peered out of Dani's head, and blood slowly dripped it's way out of her mouth. Fingers going numb, Dani slowly died looking out
Tags: Dani Horror Death