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This is a stink bug. Has a terrible smell if killed
Tags: bug

Short story of life at home~
another restless Christmas eve...it will never end..so I bid you a go away till next year...and a Merry Christmas to you and a Buh Hum Bug to the New Year!! The CryptKeeper
Tags: By sheryl Staley

It's another bug on the Queen Anne's Lace
Tags: Bug Queen Anne's lace

Hmmm..maybe she saw a bug..not sure?! Hee hee
Tags: S.Staley

...with a tiny bug
Tags: wild columbine orange

Spider spinning a bug up
Tags: S.Staley

Spider still spinning a bug up..not sure which pic. looked better..actually I don't think either do but I did get a bit closer
Tags: S.staley

A poem
Butterfly.... A butterfly has such a change of life, each & everyone... No one really thinks of this either..I wonder why? You see this beautiful bug flying thru the air yet never think of how
Tags: S.Staley

Photo of a hairy creature hanging out on the rocks
Tags: bug

a spider and web
Tags: spider nature bug

caity jane mullen acting resume
. California) Special skills Accents, singing, light dancing, character work, costumed characters, swimming, light stage combat, drives pink VW bug, expression through eyes, music writing thHair: Red
Tags: resume

This is a movie spoof for the 2007 MTV Movie Award
Tags: comedy pinnocchio jiminy cricket saw figaro freakshow jigsaw billy torture spoof trap game bomb wooden bug swinging johnson brothers fun crazy cinematography duplicate puppet

I went out during sunset after it rained, and even
Tags: wasp bug dew plant leaf

lady bug
Tags: lady bug

Yellow butterfly on a flower
Tags: yellow butterfly nature flower wildlife bug insect wings

At the UPS Car Show again in 2006. I love this pho
Tags: auto model car show purple

Tags: great

This bug was riding along on the windshield of my car
Tags: bug windshield nature photography

I took this photo of this flower in my grandmother
Tags: Beautiful flower with lady bug