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Poem on a Christmas tree
153940.txtThe Gift Tree....Oh I see a beautiful tree...Full of lights & Sprakles...Tinsel & Bulbs...Candy canes & Goodies..Plus presents & stocking under it....Oh how fitting..Garland,twinkles,all
Tags: S.Staley

little writing
,planting bulbs deep into the earth,,then add the moistsoil.I pray they will come up in the spring & won't die along the way.At spring time after the snow cover starts to go..you see little buds poking out
Tags: S.Staley

Tags: lights fair ride bulbs bright

of the centaury. Shot of him. This is my depiction of Jesus coming back and the papazzis flash bulbs flashing away to get shot of the number one celebratory of the century
Tags: Religionabstracticonmusic

Taken in my front yard, too bad the gopher ate all of the bulbs last year
Tags: gladolias flower macro

Ghost Bikes are small memorials for bicyclists who
Tags: "merry christmas to all!" christmas tinsel bulbs pine bicycle red white winter yule holiday spirit city street manhattan new york

With one middle light out, the surrounding bulbs form a palindrome. (Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009
Tags: Jeffrey Douglas DeCristofaro © 2009 art photogra

I'd lived in a place with someone where all of the rooms had different colored light bulbs. For no real reason, mind you. We weren't Hippies or nothing- though, in a very twisted way, we were
Tags: living room dos stoplight lightbulbs differen

the begining of a novel that's currently on haitus
and black shine off the dim bulbs from the ceiling above them. One man, a young Irish fellow once named Seamus Doherty, stares into the lights and thinks, just for a moment, that he sees the face
Tags: Satan Hell

Light bulbs (charcoal drawing
Tags: art draw drawing charcoal light bulb light b

I suppose this could be tied in with the Marquee d
Tags: ceiling holes row chip bulbs electricity

was spectacular, and started off with a photo shoot before becoming a flash of light bulbs and cameras. We worked the runway all night; wearing tight leather pants and long wedding gown esq. leather dress
Tags: maria terentyeva

111. Thank You.
Tags: lights bulbs glowing work change

compressed and vine charcoal on 18x24" paper
Tags: light-bulbs black/white dark charcoal