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cord you rip in joy, at wake by your grasp sheathed essence you take, dark and deep as the sea the doom you heap whose twin your beloved sleep the unending bursts the vivid bolds by which the soul
Tags: Angeldeathreaperpencil

a poem i wrote for school last year
a head light and hears a slam Feet pounding and unfamiliar voices get louder She hides under the table She watches the handle rattle and shake The door bursts open as she silently cries The table falls
Tags: Tears Poetry

9 x 12" acrylic
Tags: bursts of color acrylic painting abstract

A short story of a very long night.
vibrated from the immense pressure of wind and rain. Lightning lit up the inside of the house, shortly followed by immense bursts of thunder that seemed to go on for eternity. Occasionally Sean would
Tags: Short Story Stormy Suspense.

Jim Colyer writes about astronomy.
dark skies exaggerates brightness. Meteors coming straight at us appear as stationary bursts of light. Stars Stars rise four minutes earlier each night as the earth circles the sun. Stars rise two
Tags: Jim Colyer asronomy stars planets moon sun g

current bursts from the coffee caldrons nozzle and into a well deserving morning brew. It captures a scolding Kelvin temperature that could burn bacon and disprove the second law of Thermodynamics
Tags: Dan Sutorius

in short bursts. Gulpers are also solitary animals, and only meet up with other members of their species when it is time to mate. Other than that Gulpers are very territorial as well. Hope you like
Tags: GN_manga_Gulper

bracketed bursts with the Canon camera and combining them in post with HDR software
Tags: seattle video production