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Tags: St. Louis Cardinals

The female of a pair that nested right up by my fr
Tags: bird cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald done in graphite and Prismacolor.
Tags: Fitzgerald football cardinals

Jim Colyer writes about the New York Yankees!
Series 27 times. The St. Louis Cardinals are second with 10 titles. There was the traditional ticker-tape parade through the Canyon of Heroes in lower Manhattan. One million people showed up. Hal
Tags: New York Yankees Jim Colyer Michael Colyer New

The "free meal" line starts here!
Tags: birds cardinals wrens titmouse chickadees nature

The male cardinal is trying hard to impress this p
Tags: cardinals female male nature birds

The male cardinal seems to be saying, "Is She Look
Tags: cardinals birds nature

The tree beside my deck was filled with cardinals as they wait for their free meal! They really looked pretty in the Valentines Day snowstorm
Tags: snow tree cardinals nature

A cardinal flies in for the attack! Will the othe
Tags: cardinals birds flight attack red nature

Two cardinals fighting in mid-air...who will win the battle
Tags: cardinals birds fight red mid-air nature

One cardinal surrenders...while the other birds wa
Tags: cardinals birds red surrender fight nature

The battle has been fought and the victor gets his
Tags: cardinals birds red love nature

This is Blake at the Cardinals game when he caught the ball
Tags: My grandson Blake

Could it be love? A female cardinal checks out a m
Tags: cardinals male female nature

It's spring...and even the birds are pitching in t
Tags: spring yard work wheel barrow birds cardinals nature

As the trees start to bloom, the cardinals gather around to fill the trees with a splash of red! This is a site that I never get tired of seeing
Tags: Cardinals red birds trees blooms color nature

Two Cardinals, a Blue Jay, and a Turtle Dove seem to be deep in conversation
Tags: birds cardinals blue jay turtle dove conversation nature

Winner of a t-shirt design contest for minor league baseball team: Palm Beach Cardinals
Tags: Palm Beach Cardinals Tee Design

Cardinals and sparrow on a snowy day
Tags: Snow birds cardinals sparrow winter cold nature

Cardinals on a snowy day
Tags: snow winter birds cardinals fly nature