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Drew this on a frisbee with sharpie
Tags: frisbee disc dragon knotwork celtic

Tags: winter fall viking dragon celtic battle war

I wrote this for my husband Gregg Lee.
Tags: Irish Celtic

I was dressed for a winter fey gig in Ann Arbor
Tags: Red hair celtic girl pretty

This is a picture of the necklace I wear around my neck no matter what. Its the Celtic Symbol for strength, and The Dragon means the same thing Strength. I don't go anywhere with out it and when I do
Tags: Rufus Dragon Symbol Celtic Necklace Muse

I love celtic design so I decided to do Bam/HIM's heartagram in the style, completed in black and purple pen
Tags: celtic heartagram pen sketch

Steady, laid back, peaceful melody. Acoustic guita
Tags: Peaceful natural landscapes romantic celtic etheral melodic laid back

This is one of a collection of images based on rit
Tags: Pagan Celtic Knotwork Wicca Witchcraft Wisdom

This image came about by trying to challange mysel
Tags: pagan celtic knotwork wicca pentagram wisdom colourful hedgewitch druid

the frist image from a trptic which consists of th
Tags: knotwork celtic colourfull dancer goddess worship nouveau unique detailed

Celtic design
Tags: art

Handcarved from yellow cedar this one of a kind mask is a representation of Cernunnos, the Celtic god of life , death and re-birth. This mask features deer antler, horse hair, acrylic paint
Tags: wood sculpture mask wall mask face snake hor

The Oak King was part of a Celtic legend of the changing of seasons. As the winter approached the oak would lose his leaves thus leaving the holly king as the dominent ruler through winter. When
Tags: oak leaves face mask wall hanging green brow

Belenos is the Celtic sun god. This mask was made from red cedar, pounded copper, horse hair and acrylic paint
Tags: Belenos sun god celtic knotwork painting orange

Handcarved from red cedar, painted with acrylics a
Tags: eagle wood carving celtic painted feathers

A five-pointed star surrounded with Celtic motifs symbolizing the 4 elements plus man hand painted on an oak board
Tags: Celtic knotwork star pentagram pagan wiccan rose

A "Fidchell" game inspired by a 10th century game
Tags: Celtic knotwork board game Irish Ireland

A look at my Celtic-themed art with a brief description of the process
Tags: Celtic art knotwork Irish book of kells games

Jennifer is actually wearing a Celtic wedding dress
Tags: Jennifer Angelic

interesting and I also thought it was very beautiful. I tried my best to make it look good or even decent. This is a symbol of Celtic Paganism. The direction in which the raven’s tail is pointing to symbolizes
Tags: Crescent Moon Raven Pentacle ceramic