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About myself and how I try so hard to change for others
For You I tried...... For you I tried to better myself,for you I tried to change... For you I tried to make myself into someone new & strange... I learn, I can not do these things... for I do
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

A poem
Butterfly.... A butterfly has such a change of life, each & everyone... No one really thinks of this either..I wonder why? You see this beautiful bug flying thru the air yet never think of how
Tags: S.Staley

My wife Heidi who is my drummer and I recorded thi
Tags: Change Huge Experience

This photo is somewhat one of my favorites. I love the lighting and shadowing that's going on in this picture. I do like my pose but I definately would change the head position and where the legs
Tags: Shadow Dark Art

Bride Look into the face of your Flawless Self I can see your True Beauty a vatic wholeness beyond duality, You, untamed, timeless Abyss of Change, spiraling serpent wisdom easing its
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

i did the design in the cheap paint program that comes on every cpu then put it in corel draw 8 for the color change
Tags: Artdigitalgraphiceyestareyestar

This just might change your life
Tags: blue white space needle crane

Yeah, I think I have change for a dollar
Tags: sean gordon beach hot guy model modeling jo

in the news as of late cause he is a major drug addict, and mark thy words he'll be dead within a year unless things change in a big way for him. I love this song and thanks for the inspiration Pete
Tags: Southern Cream Luke Rispin Scott Greenhalgh

change those!!! :D
Tags: Fugitive Urban Battalion Crap lol

This is just a demo, we might change it a bit
Tags: sodapop headlessdolls audrey ezra

It is maybe about 80% done, missing Singer, Couple of things have incorrect timing, and i might change instruments again cause I tend to do that many times
Tags: Y10 Spy Aura C

A nice track I mixed together, me on guitar, me on drum machine. The song has a change halfway through. It's designed to have space for vocals, but I never came up with any
Tags: music guitar rock

This is an original song written by Jamie Keefer.
Tags: rock Philadelphia roots The Under Kings music

A natural geological formation built from stalactites and stalagmites in the Pleistocene era (The Ice Age) A natural work of art in constant change
Tags: cavern cave nature natural limestone geologic

How to change your voice pitch using audicity
Tags: whiteasian426 audicity

Tags: unique

girl band) with you, I am proud to say I had the change to perform with the most talented group of woman instrumentalist and friends a girl could ever have, many whom have move on to perform with big
Tags: music rock singer video free your mind ange

Just a sample of a few ways i would take a melody and change it around. This type of music would be for some sort of game
Tags: Aura Game Music Test BGM

in the pouring rain and listen to you bitch about the same thing over and over again, I am who I am and I'm not going to change for you or nobody! Chorus
Tags: bluesrockmusicmp3sblues musicbuck69toledooh