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It's an acoustic rock song with great chord progressions
Tags: Double D's

Originally written as "When Angels Learn To Fly",
Tags: Light Rock Chord Progessionist Accoustic

Here is a little rehearsal/promo vid I did for OK
Tags: OK Electric Denver Risley Q Chord rock experimental Male Pattern Baldness

Tena Mosher- vocals, chord progressions Adam Wakely- guitars, drums, production
Tags: rock

made for improvisation contest. i use the blues pentantonic scale mostly, and loosly use the standard 12 bar blues chord progression to back it up
Tags: blues improv for contest

The Demo me and my band made at PCA (Power Chord Academy) in Texas, 2008. :D It's not as good as it could be (as far as my vocals go; I was scared shitless), but it's great nonetheless-- particularly
Tags: Falling Time PCA

2008, iron, guitar chord
Tags: photo

Ok so the chord progression is almost exactly the same as a garth brooks song, so what? :) (props to my sis for helping me figure out what song it sounded like
Tags: *orginal*

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
an A chord and sings softly over and over. bleak bending weak at the knees bending us softly. Conner played this softly for an hour he was feeling sick again he went into the bathroom and began to cough
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

The summer my parents divorced, my dad sent my bro
his things up the loading ramp. I sat on that old swing for what seemed like hours, gently rocking back and forth. I thought over chord progressions and notes, forcing myself to recite patterns
Tags: divorce runaway brothers teenagers fort small

online doesn't seem to get good votes or attention like it does at my church! What;s the point here? :( It's a beautiful chord progression for The Doxology
Tags: Traditional hymn doxology God Jesus

Book of poems I wrote back in december
and dead weights of lives lost. The piano strikes a chord, And your procession begins In the same church we found the Lord, He who abandoned us to sin. Your family and closest friends All gathered here
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

chord, or a 1 chord. For the 5, put your fingers on the 3rd fret 1st string, 2nd fret 2nd string, and 2nd fret 4th string. The 4th chord is a bit tricky. Put your finger on the 5th fret 6th sting
Tags: guitar face eye brow eyebrow trick

that I didn't have many tunes with more then a couple of suspension chord changes. So I added that to my form of composition list. I chose an even eighth and triplet feel for the head. Next, I started
Tags: synthesistjam

with a different chord progression. That's a rhyme I was quiet impressed with... lead me into making this whole Life That You'v Been Given CD... check out Friends with Yourself, the one that started it all! Now
Tags: suicide thoughts depresion attempts life livi

in at different times, but in rhythm (hard to explain). Then I got to the first really strong chord on brass instruments (at minute 0:34 or so...) and that REALLY got me interested in this song, so I
Tags: outer space instrumental brass music orbit c

a musican playing bar chords
Tags: guitars hands music instruments hands close u

Ok, while playing with Standing Strong (rockin song of mine) one day, I came across this power chord in 2 octaves. I explain everything in the video, but it's a power chord I came up with if you want
Tags: instructional electric guitar drop-b

, Synth, Orchestra MIDI Programing Orchestration at the end... I wrote that last orchestra part, but it was based off of the original chord progression of Austin Batterton's. :) PS - Oh yea
Tags: ben mullins austin batterton dreams goals li

my new "2 octave power chord" in the electric guitars! :D Lyrics by: Tripurari Nath Tiwari Music by: Ben Mullins Vocals by: Ben Mullins Acoustic and Electric Guitars by: Ben Mullins Lyrics
Tags: celebration freedom nature bollywood