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Copy of paper for college speech and communication
of compassion and a warm dose of appreciation helped heal the wounds of prejudice
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Live today so you have no regrets tomorrow
Tags: #destiny #wisdom #compassion #forgiveness #thankful #kn

My grandsons were going to pose for a picture, when my 2 yr. old grandson, fell and got hurt. In a rare moment of tenderness and compassion, I caught his 4 yr. old brother giving him a hug
Tags: love compassion brothers children tender

This image was completed in 2006, and symbolises God's love and compassion for a dying world
Tags: Heaven Child Stairs Water

This piece shows that the mentally ill can still have compassion and spirituality. Sarah's own personal pain makes her very empathetic as she feels pain for all those who suffer. She offers
Tags: Dedicated to the Twin Towers on 9/11 love peace compassion Sarah Burk

The art of flying in the Spirit as one body, The courage to move forward, The compassion to cover others, The humility to move back, The ability to remain focused on the light
Tags: inspiring artwork painted during prayer

of Virtue' series, the theme for this piece is "Compassion
Tags: pyography wood burning angel faerie art romance compassion

loves her, throwing great masses of roses at her silk-slippered feet. She has no rapport or compassion. Take her into the ground; show her for the charlatan she truly it is. Come summer. 4-13-05
Tags: art poetry depression sarah Burk mental illnes

. Funeral "homes" provide "dignity and compassion"- Along with great wealth two spiritually-challenged, splendidly-suited purveyors of unctuous emptiness. Under the streets, and all along the walls
Tags: art poetry homeless t.v. funeral homes Sarah

as a reflection of the universe. Each element can be seen to express themselves in many ways within our nature. -Water is emotion (tranquility, gentleness and compassion) The bust is made of clay
Tags: Acrylic canvas symbolism

can't expect kindness given without kindness returned. We can't expect a return of respect and honesty, gentleness and compassion, if we do not shine that light for others around us to see. As we nurture
Tags: Poetry Freestyle writing Quotes

Title track from my gospel album "Full of Compassion
Tags: Don Daniel Photography Fashion Gospel Music M

My still very popular version of The Lord's Prayer from my gospel album "Full of Compassion
Tags: Don Daniel Photography Fashion Gospel Music M

This is a poem of how a lady feels.
and childlike mannerisms will more than likely be your downfall. I want to say I am sorry to those I feel no compassion for and that I am sorry for those that I DID. I want to lose control
Tags: Want

Putting thoughts and feelings into words can be ch
, compassion and above all... love. Written by: Amy CareyPage 1
Tags: Writing Poems Life Alone Place Run Time Wis

from benjamin barker's point of view, what would b
? Is revenge an act of compassion? A way to feel that you are human, that even though the worst has bestowed upon a person? Is there still a beating heart behind that skin? I am a man who has felt love
Tags: revenge sweeney todd benjamin barker

I always have to make my grandmother take a break
Tags: sitting grandmother

This is a picture of my grandmother with Father di
a syringe. She came to live with my parents until the end. She was a great teacher of committment, example, compassion, surrender and love. She taught me to never give up the race, even in the midst
Tags: Freestyle Writing