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a photo of a clown on a mirror
Tags: clowns mirrors reflections concepts art photography different shots

a photo of a cow horn boat of a mirror
Tags: ships boats mirrors reflections concepts odd bits

a reflection of a gheshia doll on a mirror
Tags: gheshia doll doll japanese doll mirror concepts reflections

old time street lights on the river walk in laughl
Tags: lights lamps walkways travel oldtime night shots odd bits concepts nevada places to go

This is one of my concepts for a knight, done on photoshop
Tags: digital painting knight warrior

will be presented with a myriad of success ideas, suggestions and concepts. Though some of these lectures may contain few words they are all drawn from centuries of experience. Old seeds they may be yet
Tags: successsuccess livedonald gordon cartylectures

stacks of quarters on a mirror...available on bigs
Tags: money mirros currency odd bits concepts strange views

One of four design concepts considered for KEYS...UNLOCKING THE UNIVERSE. Concept by Sheri McMurray (TDC) 2008. MacArt Photography
Tags: original cover design for book copyright TDC and

I was already working on a drawing from a stock photo I got on the net when the New Year Contest started. I had two unfinished art concepts in the idea stages, one in charcoal and the other
Tags: art concept for contest explaination concept i

held an empty up to show the waitress what flavor
Tags: odd bits sunsets bottles strange views concepts

just a different way to look
Tags: neon signs strange views lights odd bits concepts everyday

Logo Design for Designing Jane
Tags: Logo Design Graphic Art

this is one of my knight concepts. Photoshop CS3
Tags: digital painting knight

Once again tooling around with concepts. This is one of many drawing that I have never finished and do try to make myself do so. This is only a close up of the face as that is where I had worked
Tags: monster fantasy

Another 'ninja' lady to my collection. Sometime this spring, I will put all my concepts into one large poster. Im jsut having fun designing new charactors for now with all these "ninja's
Tags: Ninja series comic

Two of my favorite concepts
Tags: Peace love equalty tree nature stars pagan

just saving some time and money
Tags: watches coins money time strange views odd bits concepts

saving time...or time in a jar
Tags: watches time concepts strange views odd bits

how do you catch a drunk rat
Tags: fun stuff odd bits strange views concepts

demonstrates the techniques used to create visually spectacular graffiti art works on walls (murals) and canvas. This step-by-step tutorial covers the concepts, aesthetics, techniques and style required
Tags: Documentary Spray Can Art Filmmaker Art Aeroso