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I was walking my dog and had to stop to snap up this picture of a plant growing in the concrete between bricks
Tags: plant concrete photograph

life size bronze figure set on steel and concrete base
Tags: href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"

Over-under board
Tags: Highway?

same as other, but different!
Tags: Highway

This is a mixed-media sculpture meant to be displayed on the gallery floor and looked down upon. It was completed in 2007. The piece is composed of foam, concrete, steel fencing, and lava rocks
Tags: scale beautiful mixed-media sculpture concrete boulder abstract emerge

This is my highest flip ever--I have it on video to prove that it happened. 6 feet up. I stood on top of that wall over bare concrete and flipped off, landing on my feet and kept walking. (Don't get
Tags: flips flip wall high

on a summer tour of the city. Unfortunately, times drifted members apart. Longest recorded combo: 9 back handsprings Highest recorded concrete flip: 6 feet, bare concrete Highest recorded grass flip: 6
Tags: flips flipping street acrobatics aerobatics f

This is the gorgeous Lust, Posed atop a concrete box, the kind that Caskets are buried in. We found these near a local cemetary, and decided that they would make a beautifully morbid picture. Doesn't
Tags: Gothic Teen Photography Nature trees

I an not sure what this was used for in an old WWI
Tags: war bunker concrete

Acrylics,Colored Chalk on Concrete Wall 8' 12
Tags: moderncontemporary

This was originally recorded by Martina McBride. I
Tags: Concrete Angel

This concrete buoy is a famous landmark in Key West.I took this shot early on a rainy morning in 1990
Tags: Travel Imagery

Tags: carol

, a raven landed on the concrete tube. Nothing has been digitally altered in this image
Tags: Raven Landing deconstruction twilight mysterio

broken pieces colour fading heavy stem heav
Tags: red green black japanese photo photography birgitta image print texture concrete cracks cracked grunge

Havana, Cuba - aonther sunny day in the city...a good day for drying...bright whites and dynamic shadows snaking slong crumbling concrete
Tags: cubalaundry ropa clothelinedominos schoolviej

Angels were always fascinating to me. I loved draw
Tags: Angel

Three levels of luxury apartments featuring concrete floors and walls, a bucket for your toilet, and a nightly meal of bread and water. Recreational activities optional, depending on the mood of your
Tags: prison jail gaol cells dark depressing Melbo