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local author Christopher Clawson and his first fictional novel, “Bless Me Father”. In this novel, Noah Matthews, husband, father of five, and art professor, has a cross to bear. Sexually abused
Tags: New Book Cover

another pic i did in freehand 9 both kurt pic's where for a book cover project that's why the text
Tags: Kurt Cobainartdigital

my c.d. cover for my 1st album. it's a double album and this one is called "band set". the second one is called " acoustic set". my second album (all self produce again) is in the making as we speak
Tags: laidbackmanner art music cd cover william fuller

Book cover art for a vampire novel
Tags: Twilight Progeny Book Cover Art Boy Vampire Cityscape


you decide
Tags: rock art graphic art poster cd cover


my album cover for my next album...coming soon! P.S. please remember to vote and thanks for lending me your eyes
Tags: william fuller guitars crazy triped-out art MUSIC

This a cover album influenced by the Beatle's cover album, Sergeant Pepper's lobely hearts. Like Peter Blake (the designer of the original cover art) I used a mixture of famous people and family
Tags: Beatles Sergeant-Pepper Cover Album Art Montage

Cover art for the Maineland volume 2
Tags: cbolmsted cartoon characters the Maineland

cover art for poetic epic novel
Tags: artpainting

Cover art for a fantasy novel i came up with and want to write. Website link can be found in my profile
Tags: ramendia wolf anthro fantasy

monkey man
Tags: cd cover art monkey man talib rox

Cover design & illustration
Tags: Cover art graphic design illustration

This is a cover piece for my comic Beyond Human™ which encapsulates characters from the first graphic novel
Tags: Art black and white line art brush and ink comics

Spidey caught in a hurricane... pencilled and inke
Tags: Spider-man Marvel Comics Cover Art Contest Entry Pinup

This is my logo for my art business. I am a freelance artist, specializing in the production of interior publication art, and cover art. The dragon using his airbrush as a flamethrower. I have
Tags: dragon art artist painter paint nude girl airbrush illustrator

Unfortunately for this bugs, the fog did not provide enough cover for what lay ahead, a frog colony
Tags: Pencil Art

This is an album cover I created using scanned sketches and graphic design on Adobe Photoshop. It is for a screenplay I'm writing
Tags: graphic art

This is another album cover for the same screenplay, done in the same manner
Tags: graphic art