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Crap...I put up the wrong one before....ooops This is the one I meant to upload. This is a YouTube collab I did with an extremely talented 16 year old rapper/hip hop guy from Ontario Canada. He's
Tags: Billionaire tina rose

another bass instrumental track i recorded.....its
Tags: bass guitar instrumental evil penguin crap death happy stuff

This is a song we did in 06, i fink its prob or wo
Tags: Fugitive Urban Battalion Crap lol

I went out during sunset after it rained, and even though wasps scare the crap out of me, used this one as my model
Tags: wasp bug dew plant leaf

A request for Shadow on DA Stella in Dragon form... I said it would be done by this weekend, so i have finished it, but i have kinda rushed it so i'm sorry it looks a bit crap So many
Tags: Digital artwork Dragons

Alright, so this is a simple video of my husband a
Tags: dorks talking about crap laura brett poop

a song i wrote
Tags: funk rock alternative

This is a photograph of the inside of one of the s
Tags: Ice Icicles Snow snowmounds piles of snow holy crap billizard

im not conceded my boyfriend always asks to take photos of me at the worst time when i look like crap and he always wants to us his camera phone well i am the photographer not him so their is very
Tags: girl woman

Riding in a car one night and a friend snapped this pic and shocked the crap out of me
Tags: Bob like deer in headlights

and territorial and itd be like "you dont own me" butttttt it obviously didn't get that far xD hehh. handwriting is total crap, sorry. i was too lazy to draw her pants. xD
Tags: anime girl manga style jacket you dont own

I know, right? Fireworks. I don't care about this
Tags: fireworks blast bang red fire explode crap title

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
stuffing my fone into my pocket. The huge piece-o-crap didnt fit so i asked tiff for her jacket. Sure she said, but do you think it would look good on me? TIFFANY! i yelled. She thinks that she is oh so fat
Tags: I love you hate you

It's tough sometimes, when rules that don't make s
the nit pickn alone?- How do kids get to be children? With all the crap these people have thrown? So, the MORAL of my rhyme Is, theres really no future at all For us adults in this world If we don't
Tags: Home Owners Association

to kow I was drugged) the facility would not allow me a bedpan or to get up to the bathroom and told me to crap and piss all over msyelf and I could take a shower when my ”attitude is right
Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic

((Taken from the book 'cause I cant think of a des
!), and round them around it. " 'Sup sleepy?" She asked, smiling then winking. I felt myself blush. She must of noticed that I looked like crap. I felt like it, too. "Whats wrong?" She leaned across
Tags: ComaroLoveHeartBreakKiss

ENOUGH I've had Enough Jive-talking bluejean crowd I've had Enough I'm gonna say it loud I've had Enough of you And all your Jesus crap You're gonna see it's true When I come outta
Tags: Jim Colyer country music Nashville

A story about the future a post-apocalyptic world
to tell me that the little girl that I saved fifteen years ago is standing in front of me? oh crap, this cant be good, if she notices that I havent aged even a little shell get suspicious and start asking
Tags: DX

, if my teacher is going to force me to deal with something that traumatizes me, then I should be allowed to scare the crap out of him. I found the original scarecrow picture on the internet somewhere
Tags: scarecrow scary logo design team sports foot

to the pigeon crap I was covered with from sleeping outside on the deck of the time-share ( I was very very drunked-up
Tags: aye aye aye!!!