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Short story of one of my days
guess I'll bite..I'm always up for a story on how flies are made. So I asked him on how he came into this business..he was rather old and his fingers shaked as he made this tiny creatures
Tags: S.Staley

Carpathian Mountains nighttime creatures hauling through my veins, consumed by their own intensity: such passion and hunger for The Light Did you see their glowing eyes burning? Did you see mine
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

This is a surreal drawing of little creatures harvesting off of a human stalk
Tags: Surreal self portrait pastel

Dragons and Werewolves
Tags: Werewolves Night Creatures

This picture of a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo was captured on the North Coast, a native of Australia these majestic creatures can live for up to 50 years and beyond. I have been watching this pair
Tags: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/finder/display.cfm

This is Lust, Shots, and Envy doing sa photoshoot
Tags: Teen goth nature punk fashion model

These tiny creatures live just beneath the sand at the ocean's edge.their shells come in every color combination you can imagine. 2007
Tags: Nature Imagery

These shorebirds known as sandpipers travel up and down the beach feeding on coquinas and other little sea creatures the sea offers. 2005
Tags: Nature Imagery

A drawing I made of my favorite mythical creature,
Tags: Mythical creatures sketch drawing chimera

with the intimidating creatures. This piece was handcarved using red cedar, deer antler, mountain goat hide, painted with acrylics and an oil and wax combination
Tags: Norwegian wood carving sculpture mask paint

Just Pencil on paper. I'm facinated by Dragons, fairys, and mystical creatures
Tags: Fantasy Art

Quite the interesting creatures wouldn't ya say
Tags: Mantis macro Praying Mantis

Awaiting a snack, motionless and ever so patient t
Tags: Heronwildlife

After The snack,He caught and devoured a small fro
Tags: Heronwildlife

Mermaid with sea creatures
Tags: Fantasyacrylicsurrealmaritime

on sketch paper with graphite
Tags: mythological creatures graphite

once i got inspired after watching creatures of "Chronicle of Narnia" movie to draw such creature with a half horse and half male body. Here's the result
Tags: drawing

A track from Episode 3 of the Products of Monkey L
Tags: creatures special features products of monkey love comedy silly funny humour parody weird ufo alien

An Artistic Fantasy depicts a creature that is tho
Tags: unicorns myths legends mystical creatures

I love to create characters especially imaginary creatures you will understand it as you will discover my artwork. This one is one of my first ones
Tags: TIger creatures artwork