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Epic Trance mix recorded on 02/13/09 Tracklist: First State - Sierra Nevada (Prince De Sad Remix) Niklas Grosswald & Soundbite - Sparkles (Original Mix) Nitrous Oxide - Accelerate (Original
Tags: Trance Mix DJ

because The Baron was dead. Morbid awoke to the sound moving footsteps. It was still dark, but the sun was coming up. He slowly got out of bed, and then he felt the pain in his back. Damn, my back hurts
Tags: Writing

Imagination soars, even in poetry.
start forward We will Live On! We will Live on! We scream from lungs tops Opposing army stops Surrender! they scream We ascend from their dream Nightmares alive Our home will strive The dark prince
Tags: Devil Light Dark Hate Love War Young Writer Imaginative

Probably the first long story I ever wrote.
, his parents were the Duke and Duchess of Doxieville! On top of all that, his father told him that he would become Prince of Doxieville very soon. Poor Snuggle! He didn't think he or his family could
Tags: dogs fiction

this is image that i create in age of 16 and saw dark hero of hail spawn! i named my creation spawn dark prince" of course spawn comic character is a creation of Todd McFarlan and image comics
Tags: spawndark princedarknesshell kinghellsuper heroevigilantieimage comicsdrawingscomic hero sketches

A short story poem of a princess and her prince
eyes, She softens in his arms, He becomes her Prince of the Dark, Their names Princess Willow and Prince Blake, Both the bringers of doom
Tags: Bringers of Doom

This is how this classic love story should have en
dark My heart throbbed again and again as he made his mark He slowly moved his way over to where I stood He smiled warmly and bowed, just like a prince would I smiled and bowed back, could I actually
Tags: Romeo and Juliet Poetry