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he came from the depths. cold cast iron sculpture
Tags: sculpture iron

first thing i recorded with zeejah fazli bout 5 ye
Tags: metal

Two teens are about to go on a journey past the depths of their own world to seek hidden treasure
Tags: computer hacking alternate universe

Charcoal Drawing
Tags: Charcoal

for a moment—seconds before I expire into the depths of your warm lungs. -Cher Ferroggiaro
Tags: autumn ferroggiaro - du bois galleries photograp

The Depths
Tags: Original Abstract Art Painting By Justin Str

loved How can I bare it when i'm wounded I am the prey here for the slaughter, are you salvation? I dont run so I keep on bleeding Your eyes I love to peer into limitless depths
Tags: light acoustic

Consider a a new dimension
Tags: depths

A WWII battleship lies in a watery grave beneath t
Tags: Weije WWII submarine warfare batleships subs


From Inside CD
Tags: Bluegrass Christian Gospel "From Inside" Jenn

What is a tattoo? A tattoo is a design on the s
of still water in the depths of a tropical forest; when you think of the bottom of that pond, it becomes difficult to imagine anything pleasant. Perhaps the first term you would associate with that type
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

me playing the intro to Oceano District Of Misery from the Depths Trailer
Tags: oceano district of miser

I've always seemed to have a certain likeness and
chains for boats to dock scattered along sullen silver rocks. A weekend away from all those times you had lost your faith. Renewed in the depths of tomorrows deeds, could you promise your children
Tags: poem

I worry too much, I admit it. So I wrote a poem de
In the depths of your stomach I cannot breathe Air cannot squeeze through This constricted maze of thread That is inside of me I want to sink into The sweet oblivion of sleep But my mind is too busy And my
Tags: dread worry

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
the depths, none could deny. Raeliss garnet eyes became like stones of jet, flashing with an occasional flame. His scalding heat -- or rather now his impaling cold -- was erotic, and Jessdana submitted
Tags: Short Story

From the ocean depths Rose a great plateau Blood red grains of sand Spawned massive beasts Long before man They owned this land Their reign of terror Was mighty and grand
Tags: Dinosaurs Meteorites Triassic Period Jurassic e

This mentall illness is everyday, neverending
scores. I am feeling vulnerable once more. In your grips I cannot get away. Mind, body or soul I seem to stay. Silently cry from the depths of my being. Intrusive thoughts each a different ending. Try
Tags: peotry poems bipolar mental illness

Purgatory Waking out of a reverie, I was somewhere else. Looking up, all I saw was books on a shelf. Searching within the depths of my soul. I was in the snares of some kind of library of limbo
Tags: peotry poems purgatory religeous

Short story I wrote for a friend.
waters letting it be submerged into the freezing depths until it was no longer visible. Chuckling, Yuki, Niko, and Nick quickly vanished into the dark night leaving the murder lie in the murky
Tags: Alex Horror Death