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A fan art piece yadda yadda, same as the description for Maynard. -Photoshop -Wacom Tablet
Tags: a perfect circle josh drummer fan art

Please provide an informative description I WILL NOT upload media that is not mine or is pornographic. (All copyrighted media will be removed by our staff
Tags: Zachary Handcrafted Guitars 191198 180706

, creating a reflective image in the indigo "pool" of the all seeing eye. I'll let you decide what it means to you...contact me for my own personal description
Tags: psycehdelic Magedn of David fish U-Melt Crazyr

This is an oriental dress that is very sexy on me. My facial description is innocent yet appealing
Tags: print calendar photo shoots


Description In my Life Drawing class we had multi part assignment to draw the human skull then draw a self portrait on a transparent overlay and see how well your face fit the under laying
Tags: Drawing graphite Life Class self portrait

event homepage: http://www.artistpaintingonline.com.com event description: This is an artshow featuring paintings by artist Muller Jean Francois. Many styles will be displayed including
Tags: artpaintingartistsellingbuyart.artshow

need a description on this one? really
Tags: trees light

A look at my Celtic-themed art with a brief description of the process
Tags: Celtic art knotwork Irish book of kells gam

why do i need a description
Tags: hot chick vector

Created 15 days ago Description: I was in Michigan recently and picked up a ice fishing tent sled. I had lot of little pieces that needed to be put together. My friends garage also had an old pot
Tags: potbelly stove pot belly stove

Description of a daughters gratitude and loss
Tags: R&B

This poem gives a vivid description of the pain and desperation of years of mental illness - Elf
Tags: pain mental illness Sarah Burk

no description needed here
Tags: outdoors

Here is the ad component of that project discussed in the package design description. I incorporate those same swervy parallel lines. This subtle technique, along with the snazzy imagery
Tags: furniture ad modern

Jus the view from behind the neon beer light, looking outside. Mostly, people only see these from the outside. I liked the way it turned out in contrast with the street. Good enough description
Tags: beer signs window colors bars neon street f

and silly! I didn't intend that to happen! Anyway, I'm done! This is a big description! Sorry! Just enhoy the song! :P
Tags: cartoon band cars needforspeed speed games

I got nothin on this one. I could make up some pleasant sounding description. Does it matter? I jus like something about this picture. You can tell that it's winter without any indication of any snow
Tags: trees branches wires flock birds blur winter

I'm not going to say what this is all about. I'm getting a bit sick of description. I may make something up from time to time. But, I suppose if you really wanted to know... This is the Doorway
Tags: stain glass church doors colors decorative o

Why are you making me fill in a description
Tags: It is annoying tobe required to fill in ta