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one of my poems about the spirit.
us hand by hand.singing songs of love and joy,nothing left for man to destroy,now hear these words for they are real,they come from a spirit that does not feel,ascend my friend rise above touch
Tags: poet poetry art artist media

Local church that was on fire.
Tags: church burn fire destroy bruhahah

another shot
Tags: church burn fire destroy bruhahah

firefighter being a badass.
Tags: church burn fire destroy bruhahah

photographer being a lameass
Tags: church burn fire destroy bruhahah

firetruck being a loudass
Tags: church burn fire destroy bruhahah

Cross being a lean-ass
Tags: church burn fire destroy bruhahah

Just my painting of the "anger" emotion. I painted
Tags: Anger angry war mad destroy

Our song collabo with Ziplok (rapper from new huds
Tags: ziplok ram paraguay usa hip hop rap hardcor

Action adventure spoof 'Yan Dash!' features a memorable 'Naked Bun' sequence, a talking turtle, some hot pool-side babes & an evil butler who's out to destroy the world
Tags: hot babes spoof film comedy action humor fu

This song is about the eyes of fire in the heart o
Tags: fireskydestroyloverevelationpeacewisdompassionmusic

This song is about trying to understand life. And that no matter how hard you work, in just an instant if you screw up, you can destroy everything you've ever worked for. The whole song is metaphoric
Tags: Sounds Are Echoing F.C.P FCP Fern Shmut Fern F

The Soul Taker Spawned two Evil boys. Surro & Curro. The boys grew up hating each other and the time has come for them to fulfill there destinies and destroy each other until only one is left
Tags: short film reh dogg

Destroy the World mitOsis Live! (2:8) Filmed Live at the Charlotte Comedy Theater Starring Colby Davis and James Lee Walker II
Tags: live improv comedy acting stage theater sket

is a way to keep someone while it is the best way yet to lose someone. Some people get so busy looking out for potential threats outside of the relationship they destroy the relationship from within
Tags: BARNZ BARNZsongwriter BARNZ Photography

most destrustive demon to destroy the planet, hoping to ruin their faith! Well, Joel's parents (like super-man's) placed Joel in a rocket to send him out into space for safety. I thought the parents
Tags: Christian comic cartoon God Jesus Christ sup

as a baby, so Joel was able to get saved a little after he turned 1. Shortly after his baptism, Satan sent his most desctructive demon to destroy the planet of Bibloneans. When Joel's parents (Spencer
Tags: super hero christian God Jesus Christ comic

, and most countries feel war is the only way to solve a conflict. Sometimes, war is fought because a certain religious group wants to destroy another religious group, and the allies of that group
Tags: Writing

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
we destroy our own joy and peace of mind. It is also one of the biggest ways we undermine the other person. If you want to find more joy in your relationship, realize that if you are upset, it does
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Since the outbreak was first detected, an increasi
in various strains which contains different proteins on their surfaces. The body's immune system can only fight and destroy a virus if they are able to recognize these proteins. It is worth noting
Tags: and swine flu h5n1 of swine flu swine flu swin