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Clip video realized with a friend of mine, Thibaul
Tags: war explosion destruction poetry clip

Appolyon means destruction (destructor) in greek. thought it was a gnar word and made a gnar tree in honor
Tags: tree destruction appolyon havoc chaos

Designed around September 11 on the computer then
Tags: Art Acrylic Painting Prints9-11DestructionBombTwin Towers

pity and self destruction. It is easy to fall into the hold of self pity when coping with long term illness, or any other obstacle that we are faced in our lives. Ophelia is talking about coming so
Tags: painting acrylic secret reflections reflection

36x48" oil on canvas Scene of an Empire on the verge of self destruction
Tags: city landscape cityscape industry political i

24x48" oil on canvas In loving memory of Sean Sam
Tags: phoenix fire rebirth abstract remembrance ashes creation destruction paint oil

a weapon of mass destruction
Tags: Warriors 6th Sun final fantasy fighting Trac

destruction of the system
Tags: St. Louis capital building

collage for graphic design
Tags: desolation destruction nature

another collage
Tags: desolation nature destruction collage

24" x 30" Oil on Canvas.
Tags: Reflections Mirrors Black and White Women goth

Hand Painted Oil on Canvas (higher resolution imag
Tags: Nursing Our Own Destruction Oil Painting

long day of hard work, HAD to bust out the camera
Tags: bricks reds macro photo daytime earth man-made destruction

A young warrior with 2 conflicting forces dwelling within one compelling him to do good & protect those around him & the other corrupting his very being making him thirst for power & destruction
Tags: drawing

This painting speaks to the infrastructure of our country falling into disrepair while we send our people and our money for war and destruction and rebuilding in other countries
Tags: expressionistic acrylic skeletons bridge fire

This was taken 2 days after Bolivar Penisula was o
Tags: boat ike

This is a photograph of the singers robe I did for
Tags: Gathering Blue robe illustration fish destruction

Tags: na

Mt St Helens in Washington State blew leaving major destruction in its wake. Now the earth is regrowing, but the remains of the destruction are still there as a reminder that mother nature
Tags: mount saint helens