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I just wanted to upload something. It was actually not going to look like this, but it looked distorted. Somehow it became a pulp-type Ariel [little mermaid =P]. I'll use her in something else later
Tags: ariel pulp

a distorted image of a blood-red eye with black eyeshadow all around the eye
Tags: blood eye

a pic of blood that has been obiousily distorted
Tags: blood vampire

another pic of blood that was distorted
Tags: blood distorted

a black rose that has been distorted to a red color
Tags: blood dried rose distroted

a gothic drab vampire stands in a pool of blood wh
Tags: goth blood distorted pool

this was me a long time ago back in a time where c
Tags: pegan vamp distorted me

pic saved from the net that's distorted
Tags: blood dark distorted

pic from the net in a different light
Tags: distorted blue black wave

logo distorted
Tags: logo godsmack

On the way from Fresno to San Fran
Tags: Windmills Dark

? streched from large to small going into the center, and a rectangle distorted to just streched color in the lower left corner. Photoshop
Tags: Photoshop Hallucination 100 liberty caps layerd

varius objects scanned in and edited distorted and different effects
Tags: scissors hands tipex....

it's ending, don't assume that's the end, because it's not! The song comes back louder than ever... kind of like it's having revenge! I distorted the lead synth this time... as well as the high hat, snare
Tags: Rocket-X rocket racing sports comic nascar

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
The words were a distorted brand of a most ancient language -- a language that had been dead long before the earth had needed its Revitalization -- and as Jessdana spoke, her voice was low
Tags: Short Story

Photography project specific to capturing motion.
Tags: Koi fish distorted blur motion action wildlife abstract

Not sure what kind of flower this is, but it's ano
Tags: flower flowers paint painting watercolor distorted abstract

This Stargazer photo has a couple of Photoshop fil
Tags: water color distorted flower flowers stargazer stargazers abstract

A computerized distortion of the above-titled pain
Tags: graphic design

A computerized distortion of the above-titled pain
Tags: graphic design